“We Can’t Complete Lagos Light Rail Project” – Fashola

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Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday said the Lagos light rail project which his administration began in 2006 would not be completed during his tenure because he has just 121 days left.
The light rail is a mass transit system being developed by the state. It is still under construction after gulping billions of naira.
Speaking during his traditional 100 days account rendering exercise at the LTV ground in Ikeja, the governor urged Lagosians to vote for the APC governorship candidate in the state, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, saying he has all it takes to continue all the projects he might not be able to complete.
Blaming lack of federal government support for the uncompleted rail project, Fashola said all over the world, when cities and states build municipal rails like what Lagos is doing, their central governments support them morally and financially.
He said the federal government has failed to support Lagos and Rivers States which embarked on light rail projects because they are states administered by the opposition party.
“If Lagosians vote for General Muhammadu Buhari next month, the new federal government will assist Ambode in this regard,” he said. Fashola said no government can complete all projects.


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  1. NZe

    Mr Fashola has become a smooth liar. When did Rivers state government join the opposition party? Was Amaechi not a PDP governor for 7 good years? Shame on APC crooks! They always want to blame the federal government for their failures after mis-appropriating billions of state’s federal allocations. Fashola and Amaechi had enough time and resources to have completed the light rail projects in their states, and many other projects for that matter which they are criminally abandoning now as uncompleted projects, because they have stashed part of the projects’ monies to their overseas accounts. EFCC should recover those stolen funds from them.

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