WAEC says there is no Record of Buhari with them

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Breaking News!!! – Finally WAEC Denies Buhari Sat For The Exam in 1961.


WAEC headquarters Ghana released a memo recently to all news media outlet in Nigeria announcing that it has searched for the exam records of one Mohammed Buhari but could not locate any such person who took WASC in 1961. This puts to rest the claim from the APC presidential candidate Retired General Mohammadu Buhari that he sat for the exam in 1961.

Buhari has refused to release his certificate but rather an online outlet Premium Times published what many have dubbed “a fake WASC certificate” from Kastina Provisional Secondary School.

With this latest revelation, it is apparent that General Mohammadu Buhari does not have a WASC certificate. However, he was smart not to release the “fake certificate” directly to the public but allowed Premium Times to do so; this will enable him deny it when the matter goes to court.

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