Uribe, The fattest man in the World dies

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Mexican born Manuel “Meme” Uribe, who
was once listed as the world’s fattest/
heaviest man in the Guinness Book of
World Records , died on Monday 26th May
in Monterrey, Mexico at 48.
Associated Press reports that his death was
confirmed by the health department
official of Nuevo Leon state.
The cause of death has not been
confirmed, but it is being speculated that
he died from heart and liver problems.
Manuel on his Wedding Day in 2008
He was hospitalized on May 2nd, due to
abnormal heartbeat.
Since the summer of 2002, Meme has
mostly been confined to his bed, due to
inability to walk. The last time he left his
home was in 2008 for his marriage.
He was 1, 230 pounds but slimmed down
to 867 pounds. In an interview with ABC
News, he said that lack of exercise
contributed to his weight gain.

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