“There are issues, but there’s no break up’ – Christ Embassy denies Oyakhilomes breakup

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A few weeks ago, a Facebook account called
‘Where is Rev Anita Oyakhilome?’ was created by
an anonymous member of Christ Embassy
International where they insinuated that all was
not well in the holy matrimony of Pastor
Oyakhilome and his wife of many years, Rev.
In the Facebook page, Pastor Oyakhilome was
quoted as saying that there were problems in his
marriage because of his wife’s attitude. Speaking
with his UK-based pastors and deacons at the
church Bermondsey branch office on May 16th,
pastor Oyakhilome allegedly said;
“I am here for your concerns about the
ongoing domestic issue with my wife and I
know it affects you directly, being the ones
under her leadership.
“Some pastors’ wives think when they
marry a pastor, they are equal to the pastor.
My wife thinks so. As a matter of fact, Rev.
Tom was her pastor before I married her
and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were her
leaders long before I married her. How come
she thinks she’s senior to them now? I
already started Christ Embassy before I
married her. I didn’t marry her and said we
should start Christ Embassy. I was already
‘pastoring.’ I already set my sail and knew
my direction before I married her. I only
said ‘come and help me.’ Continue…
“Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife
keeps friends who bring out the worst in her
and help her see the worst in people,
instead of keeping friends that will help her
vision, especially as the wife of a global
pastor like me.”
“Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated
anger. My wife is always angry and bitter,”
he was quoted as saying.
Reacting to this quotes and reports, someone
from the Church who spoke with a Punch reporter
said “There are issues, yes, but the Facebook
post is an absolute fallacy.”
Another church member who identified herself as
Pastor Mercy, said the report was false. “It is not
true; it is a rumour. All these things are make-up

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