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Dear Fans.

To serve you better, I am conducting a survey on the number of people that use mobile and desktop devices.

We require between 30 and 40 comments before the next update.

Tell us the kind of Device you use to read Life on the Run most.
And tell us the time you read the Blovel most, it will help us know when to post updates for you.

I am striving to be able to make it the minimum of three updates daily since we still have a long way to go. Time is not friendly but I am making sure that we are moving on.

Thank you for your patience; it is very helping that you all understand that I write everything from scratch. It is far more difficult than copy&paste.

This is a journey we Started Early last year without knowing that it will take us this far but as things unfold, it became clear to me that we are in for a long journey of true life.
Things happen in a living Man’s life everyday.

“The events of today will be told someday” – Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

The Asorock Abuja Nigeria

The Asorock Abuja Nigeria

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57 Responses

  1. Corpspissed

    Am using a nokia device and check updates all time of the day. 😎
    btw ftc; am so so happy. Shout out to all my friends and foes, to Dolly P, my very stupid friend that introduced Zubby to me from Nairaland to GlobalRuns, to empty hen and most especially, my very old and faithful nokia 5130. Okay, thanks 😎

    • dolapo

      Samo,If i catch you i go give una capital punishment.Cos you deserve

  2. HiJ

    Desktop computer is used by me. I like the updates in the morning around 10am and around 3 and 4pm in the afternoon.

  3. achi4u

    I use hTC sense and also Infinix x350 which even browse more faster than all my other phones.
    Thanks ozoigbondu nke mbu na Berlin.

  4. ola

    I’m using nokia e63. Sometimes with laptop. I’d be glad if the updates is schedule to six hours apart, three times daily.

  5. shar

    i use a samsung galaxy pocket phone n i LOVE waking up to an update ill also like dat we know when ull update

  6. Zacchaeus

    I’m very happy by your proposed three updates per day. I’m using mobile device and happy to announce to you that i’m addicted to this ‘blovel’ and i read it even on the run. I really want to avoid fallacy of hasty generalisation if not, i would have said majority of your readers use mobile device(phone).

  7. Samsanyus

    I use Android phone to read global runs. I read during lunch break and in the evenings. Good work Zubby.

  8. dolapo

    I use my laptop at all times,I check for updates every now and then to see if zubby have updated the page..Zubby all the way,and to my crazy friend above,corpspissed,when i see you,i go kill

  9. The rock

    I use a nokia fone. Well make i no lie, i read it once every two days cus this ur suspence fit cus me high B.P ;D

  10. marshiro

    I use a blackberry phone to read your posts and I bookmarked your site, which I refresh almost every minute for updates! Keep up the good work boss…….Plsss sir!!! We want some more!!! (All the way 4rm nairaland)

  11. Sunheri_145

    I use my nokia 5330,i like d updates 2 be in d morning around 10am,then 3pm and 8pm.welldone zubby.

  12. kunzy

    Zubby I celebrate u sir…ve been following u frm lastyear on nairaland n I ve nt missd ur updates till date…I read ur post via ma mobile phone..da idea of d 3 updates per day makes sense n I remember begging for it @ some points last year…ur story is d best true life story I ve heard.

  13. bissiejoe

    I use my BlackBerry Q10 and iphone5…anytime is ok by me and I have been following all the way from nairaland.Ride on Zubby, I confess you are the best writer have ever read from

  14. Lanceslot

    BlackBerry here….. I check in all day long, don’t have a specific time.
    I appreciate your good work, I remembered how it all started @ Mazis thread (legend of the fuckers) and here we are today still moving on, slowly but surely getting there… I know sooner or later this blovel is gona be a hit and will be talked about everywhere in this Nation. Zubby, one day you’ll be celebrated through this your great work.#weldon

  15. marshiro

    I use a blackberry phone and I refresh dis page almost every minute. I am so addicted to your updates and it will be a very good thing to increase the daily updates to three… Keep up the good work boss!!! #Teamiwantsomemore!!! (All the way from nairaland)

  16. abayomi

    I use my bb, it would be nice to have d 3 updates before 4pm daily.

  17. Mark

    Using a BB phone. Bros abeg make it 3 updates a day, also make it longer too, like you did on NL.
    I’m addicted to your story.

  18. Adam

    I use my phone… galaxy grand to read your updates daily. your page is bookmarked and refreshed every hour for updates. fire on zubby.

  19. Peezy

    Mobile device mostly. I check for new updates every now and then…like 20times a day. Since we av a long way to go, why not make each post longer like it used to be on NL. Since itz now 3post a day, it should be scheduled for early morning, 2pm and 8pm

  20. Tugbus

    A Nokia device is what i use to check out the updates….Checking in around 8-9pm after coming back from work are relaxing.Keep writing while we’ll remain faithful in following.

  21. fabulousuzo

    Nokia X2. I read mostly morning and night. Thats when i’m free.

  22. SF-oluLESHI

    Bros i think am addicted to this story na every mins i dey visit am to check for updates abeg ………..all we are saying give use more updates……..

  23. joe dejana

    Android device….since I’ve subscribed on global runs through email I get it immediately its posted on my screen.

  24. Tochi

    I use a Nokia phone and i check update any time that am free.

    Master you not attend my marriage is not fair.

  25. nwulia

    I use a blackberry Z 10 , anytime is ok by me.keep the good work up.

  26. Teeboy

    I use an iPhone. I read updates whenever I’m chanced. No specific time of the day.
    Boss zubby , you are the bomb.

  27. Godson

    As for me i use a nokia c1 and an htc sense. I check update anytime, and for time since u wanna increase d update i’ll suggest every 6 hours. More mb to ur fone bro.

  28. belbest

    I use a nokia c1 my office syste m weneva i am not busy but if so busy i use my phone at night just as i am doing now

  29. zupremo

    My kpago Nokia E5 does the job perfectly well,though my Dell do follow at times, but not often; let me say,Nokia 90%, Dell 10%.

  30. BeeSwax

    my old Samsung galaxy sII does it for me all day. Thanx Zuby for sharing your life with us and I must also commend the civility of the followers here too. its unlike in many other places where abuse and e- fights reign.

  31. kingslow7

    But waite o, this one na census abi na wetin??
    Kai! Oga zubby is indirectly conducting census here!
    Ozoigbudu 1 of Maria,Alice and kait! I dey hel U

  32. horlabiyi

    I’m Using a blackberry smartphone and laptop. So,I always get email notification whenever you post any new update and read immediately or later.

  33. Chidozie

    I use Infinix Buzz X260 Android Smartphone and Dell Inspiron N5040 Laptop.

  34. soleofric

    I use a NOKIA device and i’ll be very glad if d update can be coming in every hour.. Thanx and God bless

  35. olarouted

    I use a laptop PC. As for the update, I check for it every now and then by refreshing the global runs page. Thanks Zuby, I have been your silent addicted fan since when the story starts. More electrons to your keyboard terminals.

  36. hotshot

    i used tecno n9, and open the desktop version…i checked for update almost every i got no problem on time of update..keep the work going hro

  37. spihn

    I use a blackberry touch and so as not be disappointed by no updates, I check it when I wake up in the morning and before I sleep at night

  38. spihn

    I use a blackberry touch and because I hate disappointment, I check when I wake up in the morning and before I go to sleep at night

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