147: The Bassam Encounter

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Chapter 147

”Guten Morgen, Tell me your plans for the day Audrey” I said as soon as she opened her door.

The question took her by surprise.
Back in Germany, i had found out that the European men hardly approached their ladies directly for relationships. Most of their relationships started from school or parties. But we Africans were very good at approaching our women directly and telling them our intentions.

”I think i am going to Bassam beach” she said.

”Alright, we go to Bassam beach then” i said and smiled. She smiled too and walked back inside while leaving the door open, i followed her inside and sat down.
Her room was pretty much the same thing as mine but Her cloths were scattered all over the bed. She was apparently ashamed that i saw it because she thought i cared.

I waited up for her to freshmen up. When she returned to the room, she turned her back on me and removed her gown, then she put on a trouser and zipped it up. She also put on a red T shirt while her back was still turned on me. I had bent my head down to give her some privacy but the corner of my eyes were misbehaving.

When she declared herself ready, we walked down to the reception for our breakfast. As an African Man, i never regarded tea or coffee as breakfast but i had to put up with coffee that morning. I was in Rome and it was apparently important that i behaved like the Romans.

After the breakfast, we went back upstairs to pick up her swimming gears. I wasn’t going to swim. I was just going to sit beside the waters and watch. Waters were meant for fish and not humans. It was true that we had conquered the waters and the air but those two forces sometimes punish us unnecessary and without warning. Therefore, i believed that the sea can only swallow someone who ventured into it.

We took a taxi and drove to Bassam beach. It was filled with tourists. It was purely amazing how many foreigners that were at the beach that time of the day. It made me wondered why they chose those countries ahead of Nigeria.
Information had it that foreigners frequent almost all coastal countries of Africa except Nigeria; and of course Somalia for obvious reasons.
Those Countries were better than Nigeria in human developments. Yes, they were better. They all seemed to know the worth of life and they lived well here on Earth while most of my own people were mentally caged here on Earth with a promise of a mansion somewhere in the Sky. Some were also promised virgins somewhere in the sky while the government looted them dry somewhere here on Earth.

”Hello Mister, how are you” A little English boy said to me. He was with his parents playing at the beach and eating nutritious ice cream. It was a Sunday. My own parents were probably sitting inside one building, with numerous others, listening to one man or woman telling them how beautiful life would be when they died.

”I am fine Young Mister” i said and waved at him as Audrey and i walked to a spot and pitched our tent.
”Wait here” I said to Audrey and walked to a small makeshift bar to buy drinks. By the time i returned with a bottle of JaggerMeister, A German sweet brandy, Audrey was already on her swimming gears. Since we had established inside the cab, that i was not going to swim, she threw her small bag at me and ran down to the edge of the waters. It was amazing how the whites trusted us only to be betrayed at the long run. Not everybody though.
I sat down and opened my drink as i watched the blonde lady who came with me, played along the ocean shores. There were numerous other European ladies, some single while some came with men. From their languages, it was easy for me to know where they came from but i concentrated more on Audrey. I believed that she won’t be happy if i took interest in another lady there at the beach and as a result, i remained alone until she took a break and came to me.

Audrey took a long sip from the bottle of the Jaggermeister and handed it back to me. She was very excited and she was enjoying the warm weather of West Africa. She went back for another round of swimming.

When she was done swimming, we walked to a restaurant near the beach and ate sea food. It was her idea that we ate such food. I liked sea food as well but they were usually expensive. I learnt to avoid such things whenever i was out of Nigeria. I recalled how i once ate crab in a Brazilian restaurant down in Lisbon Portugal and had to cough up almost €400.

As we leave the beach and walked towards the cab stands, we held our hands like lovers. I was carrying her bag too. The young French lady vacationing in Abdijan had found a trusted African.

Right there at the beach, i had seen many Nigerians scammers. I found out that they frequented the Bassam beach to search for preys. One of them named Sule had approached me while i was waiting for Audrey. He was Igbo but told me that his name was Suleman; A nickname.
Sule wanted me to convince my Oyibo, as he called Audrey, to sponsor a deal that will fetch her $100,000. According to him, he had a contact who could show us how to print money if Audrey would cough up $5000 to buy some kind of chemical needed to wash the new monies.
I knew instantly that it was a scam set up but i promised Sule that i was going to get the money from Audrey.

”Don’t let us rush her now or she will refuse. Just give me  your number and i will call you when i convince her. How much is my own share?” i had said to Sule.
After rambling on how the $5000 chemical won’t be enough to wash out much money, he said that my own share would be $20,000, But could rise to $100,000 too if i was able to convince Audrey to make the initial money $10,000.

I took Sule’s phone number before Audrey returned.

”Who is that guy” Audrey had asked when she came to me, she had seen Sule with me while swimming.
I told her that i didn’t know Sule. She warned me to be careful. According to her, the French embassy had warned them about scammers.
“Life is pretty simple: You do some
stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do
more of what works. If it works big,
others quickly copy it. Then you do
something else. The trick is the doing
something else.”

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