The Association Of Apes

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At the last APC convention, i saw, at the VIP stand, the evil faces that held this country down since 70s.

Top on the List was General Muhammad Buhari.
This man was a military leader in 1983 to 85 When another evil man took over from him. I was 3 years then. Today he wants to rule again until 2023. I will be 43 years by then, old enough to even run for president of Nigeria but i can’t because politicians from 60s and 70s would still be there running for the same post. No chance for the newbie.

Then i saw another black face, Atiku Abubakar, a former deputy director of Federal customs. During his regime, thousands of seized items from Nigerians got missing twice. All of a sudden, atiku became a billionaire. Since then, he has been struggling to be the supreme civilian leader of Nigeria. He contested for presidency in 1993. I saw his face two days ago, contesting for the same position after 20 years.

Chief Gemade was there. Recently defected to the Alliance of Apes Council because he was denied ticket in People’s Deception Partners where he was the national leader. Gawd! The old party became bad overnight because they said he should step down for the new generation to move the people forward. He has been there all along, trampling on his people’s will because he has money to intimidate them.

Then Audu Ogbe, another ex national leader of a party who suddenly discovered that the first group of criminals were no longer good for him. He needed another rising gang of bandits who were ready to accept and forgive his past, no matter what he did. Guess what, they embraced him and welcomed him to their VIP table.

What is the difference between Gemade/Ogbe in PDP and Gemade/Ogbe in APC? Tell yourself the answer because for me, they are both the same. No vision, no technological Idea, no social experience, no growth idea, nothing except bundles of cash hidden all over the place. You dont buy future with money, you move slowly towards it with innovation and ideas.

I saw them. The faces of evil, looking down on innocent Nigerians with red cat eyes, wondering the best Way to exploit them.
How old is Buhari? Yet he wants to rule you.

Nigeria should be like Emirates or Qatar or Libya(before the evil lords came from the west to destroy them) by now. We both have oil deposits, big enough to make every Nigerian live well. But no, they must make this country ungovernable because, an Hausa man or Yoruba man or Igbo man is the president.

The association of thieves and blood suckers are getting ready to sacrifice some more blood come 2015. They won’t die, its you out there that will die if you are not careful. They have hired protections but you dont. Your death mean nothing to them but their deaths will be celebrated by you, yes you.

The topic is now how one evil is better than the other.

If you reside in the dangerous zones, start running because there would be blood everywhere after the elections.

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