Odua, Diaspora Groups Endorse Jonathan’s Re-election Bid

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Members of the Odua Democratic Coalition, a conglomeration of Yoruba inter-ethnic nationalities, have endorsed the Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan, as their candidate for the presidential election.

At the crowded Oyo Hall of the Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, where the group held what it called inter-ethnic nationalities conference, with the theme, “Sustaining Transformational Democratic Norms,” the group unanimously agreed in a communiqué adopted by all present that President Jonathan was the most nationally acceptable candidate in the 2015 presidential race and enjoined all Yorubas to give him the desired support to ensure that he is massively voted for in the election.

The group noted that the president has done very well in the last four years, transforming all sectors of the economy and appealed that nothing should be done to reverse the gains but to ensure that Jonathan was returned to office to improve on them and further move the nation forward.

The Special Assistant to the President on the Presidential Amnesty Programme, Mr. Kingsly Kuku, who was the special guest of honour and guest speaker at the occasion, thanked the group for their declared support for the president.

The president, he said, has rigorously transformed the economy; the railways to make it work once again, revived the agricultural sector and has turned the auto industry around to make it possible to produce cars locally for the country and create jobs for the teaming unemployed youths.

On the prevailing insecurity situation in the country, Kuku blamed northern elders for their inaction in the matter, stating that in the course of the turmoil in the Niger Delta region then, the elders had taken it upon themselves to make them see reason and chart the path of peace, a thing the elders of the North have consistently neglected to do in the Boko Haram case.

While arguing that the president has the capacity to deal with the Boko Haram menace but has chosen not to deploy his full powers to avoid undue destruction of the areas, Kuku, who is also the Chairman of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, declared: “Only a people bring peace to a land, soldiers were in the Niger Delta for over seven years, no concrete solution was reached, of those years the soldiers engaged the militants in a duel, only women and children were dying, the military were losing men as well, daily oil production fell from about 2.3 million barrels a day to about 600,000 but the elders of the region braced the odds, went into the creeks to meet them and made them to embrace peace; today we are producing over 2.3 million barrels a day, in fact, we are working on raising it to 2.5 million.”

In a similar development, some Nigerians in Spain have joined a number of others in Europe in supporting the re-election of President Jonathan.

The President of the Niger Delta Community Association in Spain, Mr. Bale Krile, has said the whole of Nigerians in the Diaspora are canvassing for votes for the president as his reelection would mean moving Nigeria forward instead of backwards.

“In recent state elections in the country so far, the president has represented himself as a true democrat.

He has always been willing to congratulate the winner when his party, the ruling PDP lost,” he said.

As a group from the Niger Delta region of the country, he said he was satisfied that the president is reported to have favoured the region of his origin the least.

This he pointed out is necessary for the unity of the country.
“What we hear of infrastructural development across Nigeria is very commendable,” Mr. Krile said. “We even understand that he has in no way favored his South-south zone in the distribution of projects and opportunities. This is good because it has demonstrated that the President is a detribalised Nigerian. This is the kind of leadership that Nigeria needs to progress in the 21st century.

“Anywhere in the world, infrastructural development is an ongoing programme. We believe that when he is re-elected he will consolidate on what he has done so far and move the country along the path of equitable and sustainable development.”

“Mr. President made us proud when the World Health Organisation declared the country Ebola free.”

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