No plan to send troops to Nigeria to fight terrorism – Obama

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The United States President Barack Obama has said that his country has no plan to send troops to fight terrorism in African countries including Nigeria. Obama made this statement after the US-Africa Leaders Summit while fielding questions from journalist on Wednesday. According to him, the US is more interested in increasing the capacity of regional organisations on the continent to tackle issues more effectively and promptly. Obama said, “Now, with respect to terrorism, I think there’s uniform concern of terrorist infiltration in many countries throughout Africa. A lot of the initiatives that we put forward were designed to partner so that countries, first and foremost, can deal with these problems within their own borders or region. “And the United States doesn’t have a desire to expand and create a big footprint inside Africa. What we want to make sure we do is partner with the African Union, with ECOWAS, with individual countries to build up their capacity”. He however reassured that his government would continue to partner with African countries but criticise them when and where necessary.

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