“Nigeria Will Cease To Exist By December 2015″ – Biafra Movement

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BreakingNews: “Nigeria will cease to exist by December 2015″ – Biafra Movement Leader

DONT SAY YOU WERE NOT WARNED :: “niGERia WILL CEASE TO EXIST BY DECEMBER 2015″ – Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra……….Reported by niGERia Daily Post

The agitation for the actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra has taken a new dimension with a new leader of the struggle, Mr. Nnamdi Kanu declaring his readiness to fight all the way.
He said Nigeria would seize to exist by December 2015.
Kanu, who spoke at a gathering of members of defunct Biafra, including scores of its aged war veterans, vowed that he would not rest until the Republic is realised.

The event, held at Ngwo, Enugu State, was the maiden commemoration of Biafran Day on May 30th, in remembrance of the events of 1967 when the late Igbo leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra.
Kalu, the Director of Radio Biafra used the occasion to unveil a multi- million naira cenotaph in memory of Biafra fallen heroes killed during the civil war.

He regretted that despite the declaration of the “No VICTOR, NO VANQUISH” after the Nigeria/Biafra civil war in 1970, successive governments including the present Goodluck Jonathan’s led administration had continued to deliberately marginalise and make life unbearable for the Igbo nation and its people.
He, therefore, called on all genuine Igbo people across the globe to rise up and join the crusade of putting in place the Biafran Republic, adding that it was time for the Igbos, to pull out of Nigeria, which he described as a failed nation, where nothing works.

Kanu noted that it was unfortunate and painful that 47 years after the civil war, the Nigerian Federal Government had bluntly refused to pay soldiers who fought on the side of Biafra all their benefits and entitlements, whereas, all their counterparts in the North and Western parts of the country had received theirs.
The Radio Biafra boss said despite all odds, they remain eternally grateful to the Biafra leader, late Ojukwu, and others who laid down their lives for the struggle.

He warned the Nigeria Federal Government not to constitute a cog in the wheel of progress of the proposed Republic.
Decrying the situation in the country, he said, “It is the watershed in the history of the geographical expression called Nigeria. It is the aftermath of the mistake of the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern protectorates by Lord Lugard”.
Kanu further regretted that 47 years after Ojukwu declared the Republic of Biafra, the reasons that led to his decision were still evident in Nigeria.

He decried the sufferings and agony being faced by common Nigerians as a result of corrupt and bad governance in the country.
He insisted that Nigeria is doomed and driven by world acclaimed selfish and corrupt leaders, who does not believe in the well being of the poor masses.

He pointed out that as long as the intention and purpose of the amalgamation of North and South were designed to cheat the South, the nation would never move forward, “because any country that makes injustice its watch word can never prosper”.
According to him, no amount of National Conference can solve Nigeria’s problem because of deep-rooted hatred among the different nationalities in the country.

Kanu further maintained that the only panacea to Nigeria’s problems is to split it into different regions, calling on Igbos to embrace and keep faith with Biafra, which he assured, will definitely come to reality.
“There is no going back, by December 2015, Nigeria would have seized to exists; we shall fight until we get Biafra, if they don’t give us Biafra, no human being will remain alive in Nigeria by that time; we shall turn everybody into corpses; you better go and buy your coffin”.
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Highlight of the event, which featured dozens of Biafran war veterans from various parts of Igbo land, clad in their uniforms, was the official hand over of the leadership of Biafra to Kanu.


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