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  1. Lanceslot

    Baddoo, baddest guy ever liveth…. You’re an awesome write, keep it coming.

  2. obumsway

    ibeg!!!……zuby u are indeed a great writer…!!!! Sooooo happy reading this time with out number, infact, i have to start all over again !! Thanks !!!

  3. design4lyfe

    the old good game, Zubby at it again, let me sit down and wait as the story starts getting back to the original form

  4. summerflame

    Badolistic zuby.. I bow oooo.. Totorito no dey tire you?. More punani to ur blokus

  5. onokor Onokor

    Na this sex aspect i be dey like well o, but anyway u are just too good written wise. A wonderful narrator

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