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Dear Runners,
I have been receiving ideas from people about how to make our Website more open to the users. I wish to throw some of the ideas to the floor to know what you think.
1 – Do you think it is a good idea to create a Category for guest writers, where any interested writer can have a special category assigned to him or her alone. He or she will be posting his or her own stories there while i continue with the major project.

2 – One fan asked that i also create a category for other entertainment news where people can read about their favourite actors and musicians while the major project continues at the same pace.

I need your opinions on this and please give reasons why you think any of the ideas is good or bad.

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69 Responses

    • Eunisam

      the more u are open to inventors the more trafic u get on your road and that means the more money u will generate on ur trafic

  1. Eunisam

    i agree with the number 1.reason it will give way to other readers who dont criminal stories just like runner.

  2. Eunisam

    I totally agree with the number two cos it is wise to divercify. Nairaland is number 1 forum in 9ja cos it is cut accross all professiöns

  3. Adaugo77

    Writing other stories no Zubby. Won’t it cover much of ur space 4 posting more n writing as well? Advertising is good n maybe a little write up on jokes frm other fans wil make it more interesting.tnx

  4. Ometi

    I think it’s a welcome development,so that we read other stories as we wait for the main one

  5. Ella

    I don’t think it’s a good idea. We have a thousand and one sites and blogs on entertainment. Global runs was created for this story in particular and that is what makes it unique

    • atiku07

      seriously u said ma mind, allowing some annonymous members will dent de purpose of creating this site, this site was surely created for a purpose abeg and that is for “global runs” forget those who think they can write and end up writting bullshit. Else they r gonna mess up this site.

  6. Mekus

    The two ideas is good but I think it’s too early to start it now , you need to concentrate on your own story for now , let say maybe by next year the room for those two ideas and other good ideas will be well matured to add … IMO

    • Eunisam

      To me it is not too early cos this is the season 6 of this project with many episodes in each seasön.

  7. efilefun

    Entertaning other’s stories will surely derail the main objective of the site, only adverts should be allowed

  8. itemj2k

    As nice as it sounds the purpose of creating this blog would be defeated. This blog was created for this story, this runs, its ur life on d run. Urs and urs only oga zuby. My one cent

  9. austino zurich man

    No 2…is better BOSS or news about nigerians at europe and asia

  10. Eunisam

    some of us like to spend more time on this tell me,after reading the new update what else are my waiting for in this site? So zubby open up your boundary for more trafics

  11. Lance

    This blovel needs traffic…. I think No. 1 will be a nice addition depending on how you’ll select those that’s gona be writing here and how good their story will be… I think you should invite some of the people in the original story like maria, your girls (to share their own LOTR with us) and some other people. Let it be different, let it be about LOTR.

    • ugsams

      Bringing some of the people in the story to tell a little story from their own view will be great.

  12. chidex

    Zubby we have sites that serves dose purposes……. Global runs was created for the runners around Europe and we’re sticking with Dat. Just increase d pace of this story if possible, cuz dats why d request for more areas……….. It will cause big distraction from the original story.

  13. sonickay

    I don’t support the entertainment, news and music palaver, it will set out to distort However, you can allow runners who have the same strife as you to write after screening their experience and their stories. This move will make life on the rum more of being global runs; owned by a runner and friends of many runners as a cache of inspiration, knowledge, belief, lessons, et al. That is my submission.

  14. lil jboy

    as long as any new section will not deviate us from our main course

  15. truefriend

    No matter the time, there’ll always be changes. It’s time to upgrade, go on bro. We need much more innovation.

  16. Tochi

    This blog is very special and different from other ones. I call true life story and we call it life on the run. Pls stick with this ur story alone and update more and write more. My own idea. Team up globalruns.

  17. prugged

    I think d inception of this blog was just for life on the run. But after reading the latest update wat next,just log out and probably go to other site for entertainment news and stores like dis one here….y not we have all dos here,I believe we will have more pple and member visiting d site and it will incress d revenue…so Zuby am going for the 2 options u listed

  18. weezii

    I concur with sonickay. Zubby the site is for runners and let’s keep it so in order for the flow to be channelled one place. U can invite ur close buddies who are runners too n who wish to tell their own tales to come and write theirs in their own section too. It will bring the desired traffic I believe.

  19. Bash92

    No 1 is good, for fellow runners like you to share there story. The number 2 will cos a lot of unnecessary distractions and will defeat the aim of creating these site

  20. Corpspissed

    Both suggestions are good for all runners and you, Zubby, the Chief Runner. It would create opportunity for potential writers, just like the way Nairaland did to you- you really would be helping dreams, I tell you.

    And on our own side, we won’t be bored when you’ve not updated, cos we would be busy reading other stories from other writers. And perhaps give you some relief. IMO. 😎

  21. Anonymous

    Never commented before but I see this as an opportunity to put my business knowledge into practice.

    Zuby… While your content is captivating, my question is what is the aim of this blog in the next 5 years? I believe your story must have ended by then so what next?

    I think you can grow this site to be a collection of real life stories where people can learn from. You can design it in an organised format where other stories does not distract your own and vice versa… Just work on the user interface making it user friendly.

    You can also screen the category or type of stories u want on the blog for example it can be strictly an adventure blog, international survival or just real Nigerian stories and not fiction. Make fellow writers submit the summary of their content before accepting them so their content is in line with our ‘global vision’

    This releases the burden of you having all your followers dependent on you, gives we the followers a wide range of content to choose from pending while we wait for your stories or others we love and finally allows u to take the position of a strategist that focuses on the business growth rather than a story teller alone.

    Ps. I have always seen this as a business empire in the making and not just an opportunity to share your adventure.

    All the best

    • Zuby

      I like this. I think i can get some people in Europe to tell their stories too.

    • sonickay

      We hope you will look into this, runners from Nigeria will also be nice to read about provided their stories are symbolic as life on the run when you screen them. I can’t recollect Robin’s Wedding date, abeg?

    • timifakay

      1000 likes. Please lets have the like button in addition to the reply button.
      I‘ll glad to see anything that with ensure the continuity of this blog on completion of your story.

  22. phapi

    Pls sir I crave ur indulgence to remain firm on only this story here, was created fgor life on the run due to what happen on Nairaland. The only thing I can infuss in this development is adding back those erotic scene which you excluded from the story because of certain reason from the fans of the story,I will say since the erotic scene happened in this story,it wouldn’t make any gud removing them,include them,moreover I think the internet was made for matured minds and not kids who see SEX as a forbidden vogue.

    Personally for me it was the sex and erotic scenes that made me fell in love with ur story,because it was a big tool in getting one of my crush down on her back begging mi to give it to her more*mind u I never asked her out but with d help of reading this story on laptop I fucked her seriously* (am not a bad boy) all thanks to zubby

    Try this and see if you won’t get traffic the way Nairalnad got. I bow sir

  23. Tutusaint

    this site is dedicated to runners and we can accomodate any true runner’s esperience.
    option 2 is not good for this blog

  24. Mekus

    Zuby bear it in mind that a lots of ur fans here if not ALL has two to three or more IDs here , so dont judge the number of fans you have by the number of people commenting on ur site …. Muru kwa anya ka azu .. Before umu azi a achiputa gi ukwu na ezi kpafelu OZO ….

  25. Lagos Boy

    Zuby, I know you to be wise and critical in thinking, As for me stories on the side will do but without reference to other sites, As i am a runner here i want it to grow big so i don’t want a case where you to open opportunities to some writers and they will begin to divert traffic to somewhere else. News and entertainment will be wonderful on the side at least i will not leave the site once i read the update, i will stay on here more.

  26. walter

    given other writter a space will be fine, so that there will be more talking us to the site than jus two updates every day, however hope their story will be real life experience like your own and not some friction. my humble oppinion

  27. Anthony

    Zuby….Take dis advice from Anonymous and let’s all move on. Don’t over flog this issue.

    There is nothing more I could say on this.

  28. Oko-omoge

    @ zuby, don’t follow the band wagon.

    Hardley Chase could have written other stuff rather than crime fiction! He stood by what brought success to him, he perfected things and had generations of addicts.

    Ask yourself, why am I writing this story?? Money, memoirs, just for fun!
    Being the kind of person you have portrayed yourself to be, I know you see opportunity every where.

    My 2 cent

  29. sonickay

    Good one, this is what I am talking about; a life of runners in Nigeria, beyond borders of Africa and to Europe back and fro. This will give Zuby some rest if he can articulate the idea, then we will never run out of running. Nice one

  30. Efe2real

    As long as the other writers’ stories are true life stories and revolve around life in abroad. It will keep your fans more on your site.

  31. zubis05

    Boss…the first idea is good in my opinion. It will bring more traffic. You will have to be on your feet tho,make sure any guest writer that is supposed to share a story here is a captivating writer just like you. We don’t want all those mumu mumu stories here o. 2nd idea..hmmm! Forget about it. We don’t need that here for now. I look at this as an expansion so its better we focus on one aspect first before another one. If the first idea works well,then yes we can add another segment…peace out BOSS! My 2kobo.

  32. Papoo Owoh

    Deres’s nothing more to say I love all my fellow runners comment

  33. DeutscheSprecher

    Zuby yes! About 3 days ago I thought about what could become of this site after your story must have ended and I thought about all the aforementioned ideas.
    The truth is that your escapades in Europe alone will not bring the required traffic and awareness. And again, giving rooms for users to tell their own stories too will ease you of the burden of this site being all about you. A woman might be able to tell the stories of how her marriage survived the storms and challenges for 30 years in a stimulating manner. Also, this site can be used as a travel guide on various exotic destinations. Let more people add value to this site like you and all of us did Nairaland. Seun only comes in as a Commander to issue warnings and guidelines and he gets paid millions. You are on a goldmine Zuby. Explore ideas and execute them. The more, the merrier. The earlier, the better.

  34. Eunisam

    keep us busy with other things. My friend visits this site once a week when he will read at least 10 updates at once.

  35. DaVinci

    Lets include other story but it shouldn’t ova shadow the main story.

  36. DaVinci

    U can also appoint people to monitor posts to make the site more interesting.

  37. TADE

    As much as I accept the option 1, it is important that it should be stories of “Global runs” like you said you can discuss with your friends that also had Europe runs etc.
    If some of your girls (that you encountered/helped) wouldn’t mind to share there own stories, even if they aint good in writing,I’m sure you can always help them get editors etc. I know if you create a section where individual names that came up, share there stories.
    But all should be something about LOTR not fiction, although there could be some embellishments but not fiction. Well done.

  38. Ogash

    Zuby…It will be gud if u diversify dis site.cos dis story will surely end one day,and wat happens afterwards?..we need to keep dis site goin….mak it a site wher ppl com to tell their personal life experiences(cos so many ppl ve experienced different tins in life) plus entertainment news…i suggest u make it in such a way dat it will be possible for ppl wit experiences to open threads wit d tittl of their stories…..i believe dis will keep dis site goin….oshee!!

  39. Konmight

    I’m with Tade. It’s a good idea but it should be all about Life On The Runs whether across the desert in Africa or in abroad Europe, Asia, USA and Canada. It’s a very good idea Boss.

    It should be like nairaland where people open different thread with different contents.

    God Bless You Bro. With This New Idea, This Website Would Never Die Laye Laye Even When You Run Out of Stories.


  40. harnelson

    Will make sense. Bt always ensure that stories that will be posted hv to be screened thoroughly. God bless bro

  41. Zacchaeus

    It will be very good if you can run it like nairaland but it should be purely based on true life stories

  42. Omega Nwanne m

    Nice, Perfect and a Wonderful Idea…. If u know you are in support of the idea say “aiye!!” if u are opposed say “nay!!!”…… the aiye’s have it. oya zuby carry go

  43. horlabiyi

    I don’t think its a good idea to have other stories on this forum. But other stories can come in after we are done with this.

  44. cutemom

    I ve read through n Zuby d advice fro anonymous is d best.
    1. d only reason m here is cos ds s a runs blog, once unnecessary side attractions r added e.g. entertainment, I vamoose. There r a thousand n one blogs on entertainment out there n runs is what makes us stick here.
    2. some of d people giving u advice on contributing here will eventually drive some of d traffic to their marasmic blogs. they jus want to advertise.
    3. For longevity, when u r exhausted then u can give people access to put up their own true life stories on runs/ hussles in other countries. In fact, hussles of nigerians in diaspora, those out of status or hustling for jobs/survival, even those in d interiors of d globe (in most unexpected places) n those making it as well.
    Abeg n Abeg, forget entertainment n skelewu news n Akpos jokes here. This is not egwu umu azi here.

  45. cutemom

    Pls, pls, I know most of my colleagues here n even dear hubby will quit reading ds blog as soon as u include entertainment.
    I ll definitely quit too.
    Not for us.
    We r on ds issue now. Dear Zuby, my dear hubby, our friends n I say Tufiakwaaaaaaaa to that.

  46. SuperV

    After reading lots of comment, I think I will lean towards not accepting any other story except what this Blovel is about and that’s Zubby Globalruns.
    allowing others to write there story will cluster n muddle up the stories and it won’t be entertaining again. Moreover, if its about traffic? Leave that in its due time this site will generate a whole lots of it that you will be amaze by your large fan.
    I will advice stick to your story for now n let’s see what the future bring. SuperV Oki Aki 1 of EgbadoLand$

  47. ugsams

    My suggestion is that a new section will be added. This section could be called “Short Runs” and will feature short stories instead of seasons.

    The stories from this section could be on any interesting adventure that any runner feels that it is worthy to share with us it could be about other happenings that you omitted in the story. it could be some friends experience about travels, documents, permits, visa, vacation etc

    I know that more than 50% of the people here admire a lot about your lifestyle, especially your travel experience, hustles relationships and dealing with girls and will be glad to live them out. some of the systems in your stories would’ve changed since you left Europe but by introducing “short runs” you can update us through recent experience by your friends and fellow runners. Imagine telling us a story about how a friend travelled to Germany last month and his experience in the asylum camp, a recent drug war in Berlin, a hustler’s experience during the world cup at Brazil.

    The complete stories will be sent to the “Short Runs” email address and will be published after you review it. You can also write short stories from the stories that some hustlers shared with you on phone.

  48. FBI/CIA

    It’s so nice to see a lot of comments.
    It’s so nice that zubby is trying to make improvement everyday which is very good.
    Someone asked one question about the goal of this story after 5 years, it’s a good question.
    IMO I think it will be a great thing if we have some other stories that can be read online. it might have different sections like life in the run which is adventure, romance could be there as well a lot of sections can be added.
    It will generate more traffic
    It will be more organized in that the site will be known for specialized thing (stories )
    As time goes on you can develop an app which is the collection of stories ( I presently have an app like that)
    As time goes on again with the way you are going the site will be known in Europe and America and this could catch an eye of an Hollywood investor or movie maker and you are in big money
    People will not be too dependent on you, u might be an editor for the stories ooo but before you update life on the run ppl could be reading another story.
    My submission

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