MTN Who Deserves To Be A Millionaire Winner Pockets N50 Million Apartment

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‘I thought it wasn’t real’-OMOTOLA AKINSOLA (Star Prize Winner)

In an unprecedented manner, the popular award winning game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? created another stunning special episode that was designed to encourage viewers to surprise someone who has positively influenced their lives and contributed to making them who they are today.

Working within the MTN Season of surprises, the show revealed eight deserving Nigerians from all the nominees sent in by viewers from all walks of life and from all over the country.

The special edition was aired on Sunday, December 21 and December 28, 2014 on Silverbird TV at 6pm and at 8pm on NTA Network, GET TV channel 129 on Startimes, MiTV and Superscreen.

The show revealed the eight deserving contestants from the thousands of regular Nigerians from all walks of life who had been nominated by their sons, brothers, sisters, friends, fathers, teachers, students. The show’s producers observed the response had been unbelievable as its seemed everyone in Nigeria had nominated someone to get the ultimate end surprise of not only sitting on the hot seat to play for N10 million but an additional surprise gift of a N50 million house.

The highest winner on the show so far has been Aroma Ufodike, who won N10 million. However, at the end of the show, Miss Omotola Akinsola emerged winner of the prized N50 million new apartment, while Mrs. Iyabo Dawodu won a brand new wonder on wheels.

In an exclusive chat with ENCOMIUM Weekly they both shared their joyous moment with us.

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Omotola Akinsola. I won N250,000 on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and also won a house worth N50 million through the special Who Deserves To Be Surprised.

How did you feel about the surprise gift?
I cannot believe it because when I got the call to come over, I was like is this for real? But I decided to move with the flow. And on getting to the studio here in Lagos, I was a bit unsure. I thought I might not be so knowledgeable to get on the hot seat. I was also scared of the fastest fingers first process; I was just hoping I don’t get a heart attack. But thankfully with the help of Mayowa, my friend who nominated me, we skipped through the fastest fingers first and made it to the hot seat where I won N250,000 and the surprise gift of a house worth N50 million which is just really amazing for me.

Did you have any premonition of winning?

When I started jumpstart last year around May, I never imagined that we would move this fast because my belief was start small and grew big. But of course, I wasn’t anticipating this much in less than two years that we started. And I know that this opportunity is not just about the money or house, it’s about networking and having access to people that might have taken me five or more years to gain access to. I’m just really grateful for this opportunity that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire created for me and also MTN, the sponsor of the show.

What’s the lesson this has taught you?

This is a proof of the fact that the quote I believe in is true. It says, “Leadership is not the position you hold but the difference you make wherever you find yourself.” And that was what pushed me to start Jumpstart Academy in the first instance, believing that young people have a say in what happens in this country. We have a contribution to the future of the country. If we don’t invest in ourselves, who else will and that’s the whole idea, to break barriers.

I was tired of hearing people complain of barriers and obstacles and I just wanted to stand in the gap with whatever money or resources that I have to equip and empower people to pursue and achieve their dreams too, and be a success and that’s what Jumpstart Academy is about. That until Nigeria can reach a point where the government can take care of everybody and everybody takes care of each other, we need to keep standing in the gap, helping the helpless and being a voice for the voiceless. And I’m so happy and grateful for this huge platform that enables me do that on a bigger scale. I used to just post videos online but now I get to be on national TV and gain access to more experienced people who can mentor me. So, I am really super excited and thankful to everyone who made this happen, God, Mayowa, my friend, who nominated me and every other person.

Honestly speaking, the N50 million house is huge. I have always wanted to have a house where I can provide shelter for children and also create classrooms for learning. This was meant to be a five or 10 years plan but with this happening now, I am sure the other resources we need to make it function properly would come. I hope it will be a place where more barriers would be broken and possibilities evolve.

‘It’s the last minute miracle of the year’ -IYABO SODIYA-DAWODU

Can you tell us about yourself?

I am Mrs Iyabo Sodiya-Dawodu. I won a car in the Who Deserves To Be Surprised special.

How did you feel?

When it started and my dad told me, I told him it’s all a lie and that it’s one of the 419 promos at the end of the year. And that in fact, we have been warned on TV and radio that it’s end of the year and we should beware of fraudsters. But, as I later got a call from Ultima Studios I became slightly convinced. So, winning this car is in fact the last minute miracle of 2014. It’s a big surprise. Although I have a car, I have never owned a tear-rubber car. Thus, this is a big surprise and I thank God for it. Whenever I watch Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, I’d always taken it as a game of chance because of the fastest finger first. So I couldn’t even believe it when they called my name as the fastest for my round for the hot seat. I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to MTN, sponsors of this show. To Ultima, the organizers of this programme for making it a reality and I pray that God will continue to prosper them. Amen.

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