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Our data expires today.
Like i said last month, i will no
longer sponsor the updates with
my own money since i put in the
time to write.
The message from MTN was that
our updating phone will no longer
be able to browse the internet as
soon as it clocks 6pm today.
It won’t stop me from writing but
it will stop you from reading. Lol.
Some readers did great by
sending MTN recharge cards to
purchase data plan last month.
Global Runs expect to also receive
recharge cards for new Data
purchase today.
The MTN phone number is
Thanks in advance.
For those who promised to do
Christmas for me, just get me a
good whisky. I can take care of
every other thing.
– Ozoigbondu 1 of Berlin.

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7 Responses

  1. Manshyne

    it’s more than 24hrs since the last update and am wondering what other followers of this wonderful blog must be feeling right now. Anyways, am a little bit disappointed on how we’re handling the issue. Zubby abeg how much is the recharge card needed for a month subscription on MTN network? Let me have an idea of the cost ok? When dis place no be ghost town, why everywhere cum dey silent like dis?! Where those followers wey dey follow you bumper to bumper? Lolz.

  2. Tunji

    This is really a nice piece of work, I really enjoy this fron the beginning right to the latest end. A big thumb for you because I know you are going places.

    I will like to call your attention to something that I think is not right. Yes! It’s my opinion. Talking about people loading for internet connection for you, I first thought it is a voluntary donation, as it shows on the blog but being adamant about it, is what I think it’s not right. Have not seen blogs from lindaikeji even umari ayim ( do that, and she is a prolific writer like you also.

    Pls do find in your marvelous time to think about my own opinion also and above all I trust you judgement, you can beacon on me for any assistance, I am a writer but a lazy one (you see why you are my mentor), I’m a business developing specialist and a vigorous Social Media Marketer. Not asking for any price pls, I’m much more a social worker.

    Thanks once again and nice job.

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