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It is that time of the month when the Church members donate tithe/data for the ministry.

MTN recharge card is what the pastor requires to make sure the ministry continues.


You all remember our address at 08162894984.  SMS or WHATSAPP.


Dont comment here.

If you have any reason why the Pastor shouldn’t accept the tithe, send your complain through Whatsapp or Sms.


Remember the Pastor is not poor but the ministry serves and entertains all Church members.

This should come before the next update/Service or they may not be Church on Sunday.

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7 Responses

  1. zizi

    Sorry o. Is the church not making money from all the adverts I see here? Besides as much as u claim to write to entertain ppl,I believe u r also writing cos u love to. Bottom line is don’t ever threaten to stop writing cos of data. I can send u 10k recharge card (not really,lol) but using ur own money also should not be a big deal to u.

  2. Stanley

    “they may be no church on sunday” lwkm. No prob lets be doing midweek services.

  3. ikachu

    Who is this ZIZI person? if u cant donaTE, why not keep quiet. Nawa o

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