Man pastes posters all around New York in desperate search for love

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Tired of being lonely, a 50-year-old man from New York, United States, Dan Perino, has embarked on a bizarre search of a partner by flooding the entire city with dozens of his posters. According to, Perino decided to try this new method of finding love after the traditional way of doing things failed. He is plastering posters of himself all over Manhattan in a bid to find the woman of his dreams.

The black-and-white posters consist of a large photograph of Dan, with the words ‘Looking for a Girlfriend’ below. He’s currently pasting them all over the city – on post boxes, lamp posts, and parking meters. Dan claims that he received hundreds of calls only a few hours after the fliers went up. Some women were genuinely interested, while others thought the posters were a joke. As strange as it sounds, the posters idea seems to have worked – Dan already has one date set up.

But he has no plans to stop any time soon; he says he’s going to put up 500 fliers every day for the next 30 days. His needs are quite simple – “I’m looking for an average woman that likes to do the same things that I do,” he said. “I want to find a more meaningful relationship.”

People’s reactions to Dan’s initiative have been mixed. Some think he’s crazy, while others believe he might be on to something.

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