Season 4 – The Devils Of Europe

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Amsterdam became hot for me. I had no other better choice than to leave. I had made a mental list of the next destinations. Since i had always loved to live in the capital cities of any Country i visited, I chose Paris. My Portuguese Resident permit was going to expire in a few weeks time. Since i didn’t want to go down to renew it in Lisbon, i had decided to go to Paris and apply for a new one.
There in Paris, my Life changed when i met Naomi and Lisa. Naomi was a beautiful young girl i found on the cold streets of Paris, Lisa was her best Friend. Like hundreds of other young black girls, Naomi was brought to Europe by a woman named Aunty Franca.
Naomi had fallen in love with me and as a result, i had planned on how to start paying her Aunty the rest of the money Naomi owed. But something happened. Aunty Franca sent his shake-down thugs to my apartment. They threatened to kill me if i didn’t leave Naomi.
Since i hated threats coupled with the fact that Naomi wouldn’t leave me, i had decided to face the thugs and Aunty Franca.

Get ready to go round the beautiful city of Paris in a suspense filled, dangerous runs of Ozoigbondu 1.

” A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied 10 minutes later”

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  1. Obinoral

    Lets go there. This story is just educative and entertaining. Mr zubby i love to go to europe but i got no money.

    • Iomoge

      Me too. I dream of settling outside the shores of Nigeria. With my daughter of course. I want better life,better education n better health care all for her and any more God gives me.
      I so want 2 leave.

  2. timifakay

    Just like Jennifer now Naomi.
    You are so dedicated to the liberation of African women.

  3. AAO

    Jennifer, Chinelo, Ify, Now Naomi. U be strong man o. Kudos to your educative stories. Since it was in the past as u mentioned you must have been filled with a lot of hatred for oppression of the less privileged and especially the weaker gender. Looking on the brighter side, though i’m not the best judge of character but you have sure done some great things for women most especially breaking them free from the prostitution ring. Every good deed of your does have some price to pay and i’m sure the women will be forever grateful to you.
    Thanks for life on the run, its sure educative and entertaining.

  4. Tochi

    Wow! The boss Zubby thanks for this eye opening cos you have real really open my eye to a lot of things.
    As for you help to female i will say that is God that use you to save them.
    Pls increase the dropping of this lovely story to 3 per day.

  5. lari03

    Ozoigbondu @ his best, vintage story telling @ its peak, You are mouthed…. perhaps we should confer on you Eze gburu gburu 1 of Europe,because you are perhaps the greatest hustler that negotiated europe…. respects boss.

  6. Jimmy Warlat

    Paris tinz on my mind. Xuby, following u as usual…bumper to bumper thru the streets of Paris.

  7. chorlay

    I wish I could visit so many countries n places luy Zuby, lov travelling n meeting new people,, I know 1 day my wish will come 2 pass IJN

  8. Ikemefuna

    No resting place in the world Zuby. Keep on moving and we will follow anywhere you go

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