Learn from Sri Lanka, APC tells Jonathan

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The All Progressives Congress in Osun State on Monday warned President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party against rigging in the oncoming elections.

The APC stressed that any attempt to rig the election in favour of the PDP would be resisted by the masses.

The party, in a statement by its Director of Publicity, Strategy and Research, Kunle Oyatomi, advised President Goodluck Jonathan to learn from the Sri Lanka presidential elections.

“The result of the Sri Lanka election is a clear warning to Jonathan that the best way to go is to honourably bow out of office if that is the people’s verdict,” the APC said.

According to the party, Nigeria’s tales of corruption and bad leadership are similar to the Asian country of Sri Lanka.

The APC said, “The people of Sri Lanka, last week, voted out the incumbent President. Although the President attempted to use the military to stay in power, the military chiefs said no, and Mahinda Rajapaksa, the ousted President packed his baggage from office. Today, there is peace in Sri Lanka. The lessons to Jonathan here should be clear: Unpopular presidents cannot win an election against the people’s will and remain in power.”

The party added that although the President has a right to contest, he should know that the world has lost patience with clueless leadership which the Federal Government displayed.

It said, “Since Jonathan has boasted that the election would be free, fair and credible, he should have the honour to keep his words and respect the people’s will. Anything short of this will be a betrayal of the people and a disservice to the country.

“The PDP has run out of ideas and Mr. President is no longer in control. The Nigerian people will vote him out.”

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