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Dear Runners,

Thanks for being members of the Global Runs Family.

We have added two more Categories to our Menu and named them ‘Global News’ and ‘Other Stories’.

The Global News will cover every news ranging from  Politics, Entertainment and Romance to Health, Sports, Technology, Science and other sectors.

We decided to have all of them in one Category to avoid crowding the simple website.
We also decided that the news from the ‘Global News’ Category will be hidden from the homepage to avoid de-railing the major reason why we are here.

In other words, if you want to be updated on the news around the globe, you will have to click on the link and read the news.
We will be flashing breaking news from the category on the homepage occasionaly but will remove it after some minutes.
What i mean is that only the Global Runs stories by Zuby will remain on our homepage.

There is also another link on the menu called ‘Other Stories’.
I am working on obtaining permission from some good writers to put their stories on our website too but like the Global News Category, it will also not feature on the homepage permanently; rather we will be flashing them on the homepage regularly and hiding them afterwards just like the Global News.

We also wish to use this announcement to reach out to people who wants their adventures and their stories to be heard or seen.
We can create a sub-category for you under the ‘Other Stories’ section to tell us about your life.

We also encourage people who wants to be posting news for us to indicate by sending me message to BBM 7aa5acc0 or whatsapp/sms 08162894984.

If you have suggestions over this issue, please post it as a comment. I will surely attend to it.

Happy Democracy Day.

– Zuby

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8 Responses

  1. Dannyboy

    This is better. I mean Zuby posting his life story on the homepage. Other stories and news shouldn’t be allow on the homepage for long.

  2. Corpspissed

    Nice one, good you worked on it as promised. I have no objection to this, whatsoever, thanks, great job! 😎

    • dolapo

      Samson,You are sighted..I sight you brooo

  3. Joe Dejana

    I have objections, I receive numerous post every day through my mail on high hopes it will be from the main story I came to this site for…Your website might not be crowded but my mail box is frustrating… because I have to open all and of them and also to search for the main story.

  4. horlabiyi

    I’ll suggest that you to create a column where a member can chose the kinda he/she wants to be receiving.

  5. horlabiyi

    I’ll suggest that you to create a column where a member can chose the
    kinda notification he/she wants to be receiving.

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