Jonathan: There are plans to bring down my Government

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President Goodluck Jonathan on
Sunday said those behind the
violence in the country were planning
to bring down his government.
Jonathan, at the 2014 Democracy
Day Interdenominational Church
Service with the theme “Love The
Lord…and your Neighbour” in Abuja,
described them as evil forces.
Terror attacks by Boko Haram in
some parts of the North, especially
the North-East, have led to the death
of thousands of people. On April 14,
2014, the sect abducted more than
200 girls from a government college
in Chibok, Borno State, a
development that brought global
attention to the terrorist activities in
the country.
In Benue State, there have been
clashes between the Tiv and Fulani
cattle rustlers that have led to
bloodshed. Six days ago, suicide
bombers struck in Jos, Plateau State,
killing over 15o people and on
Saturday night another bomber
visited mayhem on football fans in
the city.
During the service, Jonathan, who
touched on several national issues,
said despite the security challenges,
Nigeria would continue to move
He said, “You can imagine if this
government had not been facing
these distractions within this period,
definitely, we would have moved
farther than this.
“All these distractions are planned to
bring this government down and
since they failed, terror will also fail.
“We have been witnessing terror
attacks for two years plus, but the
Chibok incident has added a major
dent on the security of the country.
There is nothing God cannot do. With
your prayers, our girls will be seen by
our security personnel, “he said.
“Terror will not stop this country from
progressing. We know that these
terrorists are human and they are evil
men. Definitely, they are among
those we categorise as evil forces.
“Forces of evil will never prevail.
Forces of darkness will never prevail.
I call on all Nigerians, Christians and
non-Christians who pray, to continue
to pray and I believe that God is on
our side. Forces of evil and darkness
will never prevail.”
Jonathan admitted that the April 14
abduction of schoolgirls by Boko
Haram in Chibok, Borno State was a
major dent on the nation’s security.
The President also assured Nigerians
that despite the security challenges,
elections would hold next year as
He explained that one of the beauties
of democracy which the nation has
been practising for 15 years was that
every public office holder knows the
terminal date of his administration.
Jonathan said despite the problems
associated with democracy, it
remained the best form of
He however posited that four or even
10 years were not enough to develop
a nation because nation-building is a
continuous process.
The President also said that the
revamping of the rail sector, the
privatisation of the power sector, the
housing sector, industrial
development, the remodeling of the
airports and the reforms in the
agricultural sector among others
were clear signs that his
transformation promises were not
mere political promises.
While pointing to the successful
hosting of the World Economic Forum
for Africa, Jonathan said Nigeria
under his leadership would have gone
farther but for the challenges his
government was facing.
He recalled that some forces wanted
to frustrate the WEFA by detonating
bombs in Nyanya, a satellite town
near Abuja.
Jonathan reiterated his position that
if not for prayers by Nigerians, the
security challenges in the country
would have been worse.
He said, “After today, the next
Democracy Day will witness a new
“I remember when I was in my village
to collect my permanent voter card ,
a pressman asked me if there would
be elections in Nigeria and I told him
“This country will continue to move
on in spite of some of the setbacks
we are witnessing. “
Quoting from the Holy Bible, the
President said nothing could separate
Nigerians from the love of God
because forces of retrogression had
always remained part of human
He added, “In human history, either
individuals or societies, they are
always confronted with two forces-
the forces of development and forces
of retrogression. They call the later
evil forces.
“Our country is facing the challenges
of some of these forces, the evil
forces. I really do not want to
celebrate them because surely,we
will get over them.
“You will agree with me that within
these three years of this government,
our agenda for transformation is
coming out.
“We have not reached where we want
to go but there are certain signs that
people will use to know whether
government is committed or is
On national development, he said,
“Definitely, we cannot build a nation
in three years. This government is
three years old. By May 29 next year,
we would have completed our four
“Four years, even 10 years are not
enough. Nation building is a
continuous process. The most
important thing is to start very well
and continue to do things very well.”
Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme in his
sermon taken from Esther 4:13-17
assured Nigerians that a new nation
Ekwueme likened the violence in
some parts of the county and other
social ills to birth pains that a woman
undergoes before giving birth to a
He said, “The present situation in the
country is just an indication of birth
pains, we will go through the storms
and a new Nigeria of our dreams and
aspiration will soon be born.
“A Nigeria where there will be justice
and equity will evolve. A new Nigeria
where corruption will become
exemption rather than the rule will
evolve; a county where every citizen
will have a sense of belonging will
“When a child is born, the mother
forgets the birth pains. So shall it be
in Nigeria soon.
“Such a new Nigeria is about to
emerge. It will emerge in spite of the
chaos and violence that is presently
ravaging our streets, in spite of the
naked image of the nation at the
global stage, I believe the new
Nigeria will emerge.
“The noise will come to an end. Let
the new Nigeria evolve.”
Ekwueme said although this was a
defining moment in the history of the
nation, it could also be a period of
great opportunity if perceived right.
He said Nigerians must be ready to
rise beyond their ashes and move to
the glory prepared for them by God.
He said corruption, among other
social ills, must no longer be
accepted as the rule but an
exemption to the rule in the country.
The first reading for the service was
taken by a representative of the
judiciary from Genesis 11:1-6 while
the President of the Senate, David
Mark took the second reading from
Luke 10:25-37.
At the well-attended service, special
prayers were rendered for the
successful search and release of the
abducted Chibok schoolgirls by three
pupils selected from three schools in
Prayers were also offered for the
victims and families of recent bomb
blasts by Boko Haram, the nation’s
security, peace and development, for
the President and his family, the three
arms of government as well as the
The service also featured praise and
worship sessions as well as special
songs rendered by the Christian
Association of Nigeria Mass Choir,
the National Security and Civil
Defence Corps Band and pupils of
some selected schools in Abuja.
It was attended by the President’s
wife, Patience; his mother, Eunice;
the Deputy President of the Senate,
Ike Ekweremadu; the Deputy Speaker
of the House of Representatives,
Emeka Ihedioha; and former
Governor Peter Obi of Anambra

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