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I am going to start introducing images in each post to spice them up. The images will come before or after every post. The images will be mostly pictures from our readers, especially the ladies. Names will not be associated with the images, Not now anyway. The images will capture the mood of the posts. As a result, you can become one of our faces on global runs. Send your pictures to, whatsapp on 08162894984.

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  1. Emmanuel 'rex' Onuh

    Ozoigbondu it will be more interesting if you use pictures of the cities you visit, or pictures of your 'girls' instead of some random Internet pictures. This my first time of ever commenting on global runs, I hope you'll do me the honours of looking into my suggestion. Thanx the true soilder.

  2. Obinna Okoye

    is anything wrong with me being a silent reader? just asking… oga zubby na dat guy wet they stay for ur old yard for awada behind royal gee. I dey greet oo.

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