Hello Fans, It is almost time.

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At precisely 23: 59, January 12, the Life On The Run Series will resume. I am on the process of getting a new device which will help me in writing, editing and publishing large updates without having to use two or more devices. I had to review many devices to get the one i wanted.
Thanks for your patience. I promise my fans that this year will be full of dangerous moves, critical decisions and near death experiences; I bet you all know already.

For those who started this Journey with me, it is time to meet with Maria in Napoli again. Unfortunately, Maria became a human Trafficker just like Madam Grace and Aunty Franca. It would have been easy for me to deal with her but she was my girlfriend. As a result, i had to do the things i knew how to do; scatter the cartel and run with the victims. I even had to get engaged with her just to win her trust.

Are you ready for the ride around Italy and France?
You better be.

– Ozoigbondu Nke Mbu.

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