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Danny Ings’ development would suffer if he joined Real Sociedad, according to his current manager Sean Dyche.
Ings has just six months left until his current deal at Burnley and was photographed by a newspaper on Saturday boarding a plane to Spain, reportedly to have talks with Sociedad manager David Moyes.
Dyche refused to deny that report but believes the 22-year-old striker should continue his career with a team at the top end of the Premier League instead of moving to La Liga.
“I think we all know his development needs to continue and that’s in the Premier League,” he told Goals on Sunday.
“The middle of La Liga is no use for a young player, I don’t personally think so – albeit it is a great standard. I think he’s better than that. I think he’s top end of the Premier League.
“He would only move abroad for financial reasons. It’s not for development. His development is top end of the Premier League. It’s the most powerful league in the world.
“His aspirations, as they should be, are to play for his national side and he definitely wants to play for England. I think his journey is in the Premier League.
“That’s not letting us (Burnley) down, that’s just the reality of the market we are in. The other night if you were watching him at Old Trafford, I would be knocking on the door if I was those sort of clubs.”
Burnley reportedly fended off interest from Liverpool and Tottenham in the January transfer window as Ings is keen on helping Burnley to survive in the Premier League before assessing his options in the summer.
When asked if he was frustrated with Ings travelling to Spain for talks with Moyes, Dyche said that managers are now powerless to stop players and agents talking to other clubs.
Dyche said: “It’s a reality of the business – what are you going to do?”
“The power is often with the player and agents – we all know that. I think there are suitors for him in the Premier League and everyone knows that.
“He’s playing well and going about his business well. We were strong to say he wasn’t going anywhere and he hasn’t. Players have a stronger hand now when looking at the market.

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