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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been told to keep his tattoos to himself by Paris Saint-Germain manager Laurent Blanc.
The striker removed his shirt after scoring against Caen on Saturday in a bid to draw attention to world famine.
Working in collaboration with the United Nations’ World Food Program, the Sweden international had temporary tattoos with the names of 15 people suffering from hunger.
But Ibrahimovic’s actions, unknown to Blanc at the time, also earned him a yellow card in a game that ended with PSG playing with just nine men due to a succession of injuries as they were held to a 2-2 draw.
“I was aware of his commitment to the foundation, but personally I didn’t know that he’d had several names tattooed on him,” said Blanc, speaking ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League clash with Chelsea.
“If it was to show his tattoos then it worked because it made the front page of every website in the world, so in that sense it was very successful for him and for the foundation. But it cost us a yellow card.
“Imagine if the game had become more heated and that he’d got a second yellow card. The game would have been over for us.
“I don’t know if taking his shirt off was a good thing. I hope he won’t take his shirt off if he scores tomorrow because he will get another yellow card. So it’s something to ponder.”
But Ibrahimovic, PSG’s top scorer for the past two seasons, was unrepentant.
“If I could, I would write every single name on my body, but there are 805 million people suffering from hunger in the world,” he said.

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