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Fellow Runners.
Almost all of you have been clamoring for more updates from me. I want to assure you that it is possible; besides when I started on nairaland, I posted six updates some days.
However we have our own website now and to maintain a daily flow of updates, I have minimized to just two updates a day.
I have been trying to squeeze out more time to create more updates for us but there is something i would like our members to do. Like i said a few days ago, it would be more encouraging to write for 10,000 readers rather than 1000 readers.

I want us to start inviting our friends both through the word of mouth and online. Give them a brief description of what Life on the Run is all about. Tell them where to start reading and discuss it with them.

When we begin to do that, i will squeeze out time to write atleast four updates daily. Apart from that, there will be prizes for the first ten people to invite 10 people each. Tell them to register and make a comment that you invited them. Show them our Facebook page link and make them like the page.

Let the game start. Remember we are all running around Europe together and we will soon return to Nigeria. And like our first ‘Return to Nigeria’ Season, the new one will be another exciting blockbuster.

Thanks You.

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15 Responses

  1. Palx

    rooster u go open ur own blog and forge ur own story na if e easy( no offense), Oga zubby I hear you….. My guys don even full here already b4. I pray make I nor show them this site since ooo

  2. Sonickay

    Good talk Zubby, its not whether you made much bucks on the run but doing what you do best with a huge fan base. But the social feeds links are not working, no way to share by twitter or facebook. I don’t think this is actually from my end, look into it ASAP.

  3. lightbearer

    Ok Boss but make all the share and inviting links accessible and easy to use, cheers.!

  4. Zacchaeus

    Ok sir. I was trying to register one of my friends yesterday but network was bad. He can’t wait to confirm the brief i gave him.

  5. horlabiyi

    I’ve already invited so many people here and still inviting more.

  6. Anonymous

    Just posted this site link on twitter. Hope d 4 update a day will be sooner than we expect sir.

    I will advice we go bck to Nairaland our parent threshold to advertise this site more explosively so that we could generate much readers,cuz nairalnad is that site that got new piples on a daily bases.ZUBBY try contact any of the MOD on literature and Romance section if they can be of help in bring one of ur update on front Page. *this my 1kobo sir*

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