Fashola holds Igbo PVCs in Lagos – Nairaland

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Governor Fashola should please release PVCS cards Igbo Lagos residents. Fashola a man that at times aspires to higher ideals must resist his God father Owner of Lagos Ahmed Bola Tinubu on this very issue. He must not allow himself to be dragged to the lowest of Nigeria’s political gutters by disenfranchisement of your fellow citizens. Mr. Fashola you are better than that. Get the PVCs out of the hands of the Iyaolojas and party touts masquerading as local government employes asking people for voting inclinations or bribe before handing them out. This you must do in the name of fairness, justice and humanity. Our Igbo brothers and sisters might actually be galvanize by this sordid act that it might come back to bite you big time.

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  1. Wale

    How is this Possible? Why don’t you screen stories you post on your blog? Is Fashola an INEC official now? How did PVC of Igbo in Lagos in his possession? This mean they check all PVC by polling unit and removed those bearing Igbo names? Where did they do that? How long did it take them? Why post such blatant lies on your blog?

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