Episode 41: Finally in a Home

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When Johnson left, Solomon called and told me to return to the hotel. As soon as I entered the room, I started where I stopped.

“Why did you give me anti pregnancy capsules without my knowledge?”

“The answer is simple. I didn’t want to get you pregnant yet,” he said.

“What if I wanted to get pregnant?”  I asked.

“Not if you wanted, you wanted it because I saw it in your eyes. I saw how you smiled when I released my sperms inside you. It wasn’t just the right time and right place to get pregnant. It will come when we are comfortable enough to welcome a baby. And please, this is the last time I want to talk about this,” he said.

It was time to let it go too. His face has turned red and whatever comes out of my mouth could be dangerous for me.

An hour after Johnson left, he walked out of the hotel alone. He said he was going to buy catalogue to check for available houses. When I offered to go with him, he said he wanted to go alone. I felt bad about it. Just the day before, I was his sweetheart at the African shop. He introduced me to everyone, even those that didn’t ask who I was, but a day after, I was expendable.  I knew it was related to the questions I asked earlier about the injection and capsules but I needed to get them off my chest.

When he returned to the hotel room, he started making calls to the house owners. He spoke German language and despite the weeks I spent together with him, I didn’t know he could speak the Deutsch.

“There is a two bedroom apartment somewhere and I need to go and check it out. Wait here, I will be back before two hours. I will pay for another one night at the hotel reception because we may have to sleep here again,” He said as he turned the door handle and started walking away.

“I want to come with you,” I said like a child who wanted to follow the mother to the market.

“No, you are not going anywhere. You are staying here until I return,” he said and jammed the door.

I knew the root of all his strange behavior since that morning, what I didn’t know was when he would stop. It was getting out of hand and I couldn’t continue like that. It was time to be careful because he had already done what he promised me which was to send me out of Portugal. He owed me nothing now except his few vague promises of not ever allowing anything to happen to me. I knew he said he loved me but that was a promise that has been broken a zillion times in the last decade.

It was time to tell him that I was very sorry about not trusting him. It would be bad if he just send me away.

It was already 4pm when he returned.

“Get ready, we are leaving now,” he said as soon as he opened the door.

“Where are we going?”

“To a new apartment,” he said.

“I want to tell you something,” I said.

“Not now, just get ready, let’s go. You will have plenty of time to tell me anything you want.”

“I want to say it now,” I said as I moved to where he was zipping his bag.

He stood up. “You have been acting strange today. What is your problem? If you are going to be a problem for me in this city, I will find an apartment for you where you can live alone.”

“Baby, that’s what I want to talk to you about. I have been a bad girl since this morning and I am scared already. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Maybe I am just excited that we eventually came to a place nobody is after us. Please don’t hurt me because of this,” I said and started crying.

He continued zipping his bag and when he was done, he lifted it unto the bed, turned around and said, “When you are done crying, call me. Just make sure you are done before it is 12 noon tomorrow, otherwise you have to pay another 40 Euros to the hotel management.”


I didn’t need anyone to tell me he was serious as I grabbed my small bag and started running down the hotel stairwell after him.

We took a taxi to the new apartment. It was located in an area called Pankow. According g to Solomon, there were not many black people there unlike the Neukoln district.

The new apartment was at the top of a three storey building. Since the house had no lift, we walked all the way to the top. It was a nice big apartment with Fridge and Cooking gas already installed. Those were the immediate two things I needed. I wanted to start feeling and feeding at home. I needed to start cooking for him too. I was told that the easiest way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. My mother once told me that if a man eats out in a restaurant all the time, he will have no value for his wife. Perhaps that was the African system but the truth was that it was the truth. I was sure that I would be valued and appreciated more if I made sure there was food in the house all the time.

“Do you like the place?”  Solomon asked as we settled down.

“Baby, I love it,” I said, grabbing the golden opportunity to start normal conversation with him once more.

The way he cleverly isolated me in the past few hours made me understand that I was expendable at anytime. I didn’t know anyone else in Berlin except Johnson and Mr. Frank; two people whom I believed would take Solomon ahead of me any day.

“Let’s go and buy some things we need at the mall,” He said.

We walked down and out to the nearby Aldi Store and bought food items. We bought cooking pots and everything needed to start cooking food in the apartment.

When we returned, I decided to play around with a few more harmless questions.

“Why did you choose two rooms instead of one room? One room and Parlour would have been enough for us instead of two rooms and Parlour.”

“Well since you started nagging this morning, I believe it will be wise for us to have separate rooms,” he said.

He sounded so serious about it that I had to promise him that I would never nag again. I couldn’t imagine us living in separate rooms like strangers. We were likely going to drift apart if that happened and knowing who Solomon was, it would be only a matter of time before he showed up with another woman in the apartment someday and the truth was that there was nothing I could do about it, nothing whatsoever ever except harming myself with worries.

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