Conspiracy Against Jonathan

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By Femi Aribisala
THEYorubas have a proverb. They say: “A
witch cried out yesterday and a child died
today. Who does not know that it was the
witch who killed the child?” Some people
have gone to great lengths to declare that if
President Jonathan dares to run for re-
election, they would make Nigeria
ungovernable. Some, like Murtala Nyako, have
even gone as far as threatening a civil-war. It
is, therefore, not far-fetched to conclude that
with the election only a stone-throw away,
much of the turmoil we are witnessing in
Nigeria today is the handiwork of the anti-
Jonathan brigade.
Goodluck Jonathan must be the most vilified
president in the history of Nigeria. He is
abused and bad-mouthed with ferocious
intensity. This really has nothing to do with
his record in office. He is by no means the
worst president Nigeria has ever seen. As a
matter of fact, he is one of the better ones.
True; he has not been able to address the
age-old problem of corruption. Nevertheless,
Nigeria has been making giant strides under
his administration. The Nigerian government
did not fool the world into having the WEF
(World Economic Forum) in Abuja. It took
place here because Nigeria is by all accounts
an emerging frontier market in the world
Obama’s Nigeria
President Jonathan did not bribe U.S.
President Obama to proclaim Nigeria as “the
world’s next economic giant” in 2012.
Obama’s Nigeria is coming of age under
Jonathan. The United Sates rebases its
economy every two years. The United Nations
recommends every country should rebase
every five years. Under this administration,
Nigeria rebased its economy after 23 years,
and yet some Jonathan traducers accuse the
government of 419 for doing so.
That rebasing has now shown that the much-
maligned Nigeria is by far the largest
economy in Africa. This should not come as a
surprise. Under Jonathan, the Nigerian
economy has been growing consistently by
nearly 7% per annum. That is one of the
highest growth-rates in the world. For the
past two years, Nigeria has become the
number one destination for foreign
investments in Africa, according to United
Nations Conference on Trade and
Development. A Nigerian industrialist, Aliko
Dangote, is now the 23rd richest man in the
world and, by far, the richest African.
Jonathan has so transformed Nigerian
agriculture that the minister, Akinwunmi
Adesina, was named Forbes Magazine’s
African of the Year 2013. Today, poor
Nigerian farmers not only have access to
fertilizer, they have cell-phones so they can
access the government for seeds, implements
and vital information. The administration is
engaged in extensive rehabilitation of rail and
road networks nationwide. Travel by air today
and you will discover that most Nigerian
airports have been transformed. The
foundation has finally been laid for addressing
the problem of electricity. A long-anticipated
National Conference is currently underway.
Jonathan is not the object of so much attack
because he is incompetent, but because he
comes from the minority South-South.
Moreover, a Northern cabal that has been out
of power for 15 years is desperate to return.
The next president will have the prerogative
of allocating a new round of juicy oil-blocks.
For example, the oil-block Sani Abacha
allocated to Alhaji Mai Daribe of Borno in
1996 had over 500 million barrels of oil which
translates to over $50 billion dollars at
current prices. That is the kind of largesse
available to just one well-placed Nigerian in
our winner-takes-all political-economy.
Political terrorism
Accordingly, the determination is that power
must be wrested from Jonathan by hook or
crook. Some are issuing threats: others are
talking up impeachment in the legislature.
These people are not averse to economic
sabotage. Therefore, gas pipelines keep
getting vandalized in order to impede power-
generation. Let us call a spade a spade.
There are well-placed Nigerians, especially in
the North, sponsoring, aiding and abetting
terrorism for the sake of political gain.
Bombs were placed in a motor-park in Abuja
on the eve of the WEF. Instead of cooperating
with the government to fight the insurgency,
many leading Northerners have been
accusing the government of using Boko
Haram as an excuse for killing Northerners.
The government has been placed in a
catch-22 situation. If it moves strongly
against the insurgents, some Northerners cry
genocide, threatening to take the matter to
the International Court of Justice. If it pulls
punches, the same Northerners accuse the
government of incompetence in dealing with
Boko Haram insurgency.
Self-defeating sabotage
This is tantamount to cutting off your nose to
spite your face. Those who gave impetus to
the Northern insurgency out of disaffection
with a South-South presidency now sleep
with one eye open. What they promoted has
gone out of their control. It is not the people
of the South-South that are now being shot,
bombed and kidnapped indiscriminately; it is
the people of the North. Those who feel that
by creating instability they will provide a
catalyst for Jonathan’s defeat have simply
hardened the case for retaining him in power.
People like me never supported Jonathan until
we saw the virulent conspiracy against him.
We never cared for the mischievous PDP until
we discovered that Jonathan’s opponents are
so desperate for power, they are even
prepared to destroy the nation in the process.
They are so determined to seize power; they
are threatening to “soak the dog and the
baboon in blood” if they don’t get their wish.
Therefore, the deafening answer to them must
be: “Thy will shall not be done.”
These malcontents were having a good time
of it until someone came up with a “brilliant”
idea: “Let us kidnap 300 innocent school-
girls in Chibok in one fell swoop.” This
scheme had curious pieces of detail. The
head of WAEC National Office, Charles
Eguridu, maintains they warned the Borno
State government that Chibok was unsafe and
that the exams should be moved to more
secure locations. But the state government
refused. The few soldiers guarding the school
were suspiciously re-deployed a few hours
before the kidnapping.
It is therefore not surprising that the Northern
Nigeria Chapter of the Christian Association of
Nigeria (CAN), noting that the Chibok girls are
mainly Christians, maintains that the
kidnapping is a grand conspiracy involving
the state governor, the school principal and
others. Our First Lady alluded to the same
matter by declaring: “There is God o!”
Northern volte-face
The Chibok kidnapping has become the
biggest blunder of the Boko Haram. As a
result, they are no longer just fighting against
the Nigerian army. The whole world is now
ranged against them. The Americans, the
British, the French, the Japanese, the Israelis,
the Chinese; everyone is now lining up
behind the Jonathan administration, offering
assistance for dealing with the insurgents.
Jonathan’s Northern opponents who have
hitherto been sympathetic to the insurgents
are now caught in a bind. Accordingly, they
have started singing a different tune. Murtala
Nyako said Boko Haram is a “phantom”
devised by Southern Jonathan to conduct
genocide against the North. Now, the
Northern Governors’ Forum of which he is a
member welcomes the assistance of the
international community to fight Boko Haram
“phantoms.” The chairman, Governor
Babangida Aliyu, says: “The current
challenges facing our country demonstrate
the importance of working together across
geo-political zones, political party lines, and
ethnic-religious affinities to defeat our
common enemies.”
Muhammadu Buhari declared at Kano
Government House that the Boko Haram was
a “strategic plan” by Jonathan’s government
“to destroy the North.” He insinuated that by
declaring a state of emergency in the North-
east, the president was waging war on
Northerners. Listen to the same Buhari today:
“Now is not the time to play politics. Now is
also not the time to trade blames and amplify
our ideological differences. The unity of
Nigeria is not negotiable and nothing should
divide us as a people.”
New imperatives
Was Jonathan even planning to run for
another term? Your guess is as good as
mine. However, what the Northern blackmail
has succeeded in doing is to ensure that
Jonathan no longer has a choice: he has to
contest. To back out now would be
tantamount to succumbing to blackmail. The
threats, sabotage and insurgency also mean
Jonathan cannot afford to lose the election.
Again, to lose the election is to succumb to
The use of extra-constitutional means to fight
Jonathan gives the lie to the posturing of his
opponents. It shows they don’t believe in
elections. Worst of all, they don’t have the
interest of Nigeria at heart. They are even
prepared to sacrifice Nigeria on the altar of
their selfish, sectarian and regional interests.
For these reason, they must be resisted by
anyone who loves this country and believes
in a united Nigeria.
In short, the issue is no longer about
Jonathan. It is now about Nigeria. By a
strange twist of fate, it is Jonathan of the
discreditable PDP who now represents united
Nigeria. To defeat Jonathan is to defeat
Nigeria. To defeat Jonathan by a Northern
APC presidential candidate is to hand over
victory to the Northern insurgency. To accede
to the defeat of Goodluck Jonathan by a
Northern cabal is to promote the interests of
the Boko Haram. If the APC understand the
signs of the times, they would field a
Southern presidential candidate to challenge
Goodluck Jonathan.
For this reason, the new Jonathan coalition
created by the Chibok kidnapping cannot just
include the international community. It must
also include the rank-and-file Nigerians:
Southerners and Northerners; Christians and
Muslims. This is a time of national
emergency. We must forget our differences
and join hands to ensure that Jonathan
prevails in spite of all the stumbling blocks
and minefields put in his way.
So doing, we would be able to make effective
demands on the president. He would have to
listen to us. With the added pressure from the
international community, we will insist that
the corruption that has gone through the roof
under his administration must finally come to
an end. The time is long overdue: some
malefactors must be arrested, prosecuted and
jailed. No more Kitty-Cat-footing. Nigerians
require a transparent government; and we
require this “yesterday.”

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  1. Hayatu Bello

    Zubby in as much as we enjoy your adventures, I suggest you should not try to soil your fingers in a project that is hard to excel. Doyin Okupe et al are finding it difficult to not even sell the product (Jonathan’s administration)but to defend some of the inexcusable Government gaffes.

  2. zenty

    I agree with Hayatu. We don’t want the incivility that comes with politics on this forum.

  3. Tony Obaze

    Zuby, please leave politics to the politicians. Don’t spoil the blog with divisive utterances. #BringBackOurGirls.
    Update us about Maria’ s condition.

  4. atiku07

    holy fuck zuby pls stay outa politics and avoid killing this forum

  5. donshegxy

    I think its time for us as Nigerians to cast our vote with integrity not by ethnicity, religion or pity, let us vote for those that have the clear vision of moving this nation forward.

  6. ademola

    Zubby, mixing politics with the story wont do u any good. U are dipping ur fingers into what liebaran maku and doyin okupe failed in.pls dont divide the house and dont bore us with this.
    Next post pls

  7. walter

    re read ppl comments on wat zubby said and i was said at the way most nigeria youth reason and that is one of the reason we are whr we are one mumu said zubby should leave politics for politicains and i mean to ask the ppl who think dey knw so much to advice zubby : wat is politics. its the same set of fools that will not keep quite and talk all the rubish but the ones the knw and the once dey dont knw… some body said his opinion one his own site and u fools(Hayatu Bello, Zenty, tony obeze) are saying rubish

  8. walter

    i am not supprise at the comments most of u are making instead of keeping your mouth shot if u dont knw or have anything reasonable to say….. did any of u pay zubby for written or creating this site, well iknw that losts of nigeria know nothing about wat is happening in nigeria all dey jus do is talk talk and talk rubish…… ZUBBY thanks for revailling some of the truth that many runner dont knw about nigeria

  9. Henry

    “The eyes n the nose re too close to b enemies”.
    For all of us who ve found ourselves in this generation, it is now our story n life. Nigeria like life, is a challenge, accept it but try to b d change u want. Zubby is a typical example, rescued many of our young innocent girls out there in d cold streets of Europe single handedly, at his own peril.
    “Be patient”, the mother monkey told her children. “in the mist of those who surround me n u to harm us, shall our help come”.

    • Zuby


      I like responding to logic and reasoning rather than impulse

  10. BeeSwax

    I live in Maiduguri, the heart of the present problem. And I dare to say that zuby’s submission isn’t out of place. There might be contrary and more convincing stands, but he who has it should bring it forth. We have followed and enjoyed zuby’s story, its intrigues as well as its logic for those who are consistent. Why then shouldn’t we appreciate his submission on the hottest topic in our today even if we don’t agree. trying to dissuade him from expressing his view(politics or not) isn’t the best way to deal with his conviction. if we have more convincing arguments then lets present them rather than attempt to silence the one who does his own. Zuby, I’m with you on this one all the way. Cheers every runner!!!

  11. Ella

    With the kind of youths we have today I wonder how our country can progress. You are saying Zubby should not comment on politics. The outcome of the politics in Nigeria,who does it affect? Is it not you and i? So why would a reasonable person tell someone not to comment on what affects his nation,his people and even himself. Even if you don’t agree with what Zubby has said,that is understandable but why advise him to leave politics for politicians.Must you be a politician to talk about politics?As far as my vote counts then I have every right to discuss politics. Are their decisions n govt not affecting you and i? No wonder they keep treating the masses anyhow because our so-called youth cannot speakup.And when they see someone that does,they will rather discourage the person. This so annoying.May God help our generation.And to Zubby,i say welldone. We need more people like you in Nigeria

  12. adeswags

    zubby as much has i try 2 lyk johnathan he is nt encouragin at all. Luk at d amount of corrupt ppl in his cabinet alamesiya,fayose,diezani,morro,oduah. He must xplain y he pardon alamesiya. Nd i dnt can neva vote 4 him cus i cant imagine hw is 2nd term wud b if his 1st term is lyk dis. Zubby dis epistle is tribalistic tryin 2 bridge btw north nd south bt am sure dat no mata d tribal comments on internet it affects less dan a thousand vote. Zubby didnt xpect dis 4rm u at all u are usin 1 person statement 2 judge ova 35million ppl

  13. Wale

    Imagine the Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria saying somebody or a group of people in Nigeria are causing him problem! When he is backed by Federal might and power? Zuby, will that be your reaction? Even without the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, DSS and other security agencies behind you, don’t you deal with your enemies decisively? So for GEJ to be saying people are causing him problem and he can’t deal with them, he is not worthy of staying in that post. Simple!
    Imagine his wife setting up a panel and saying no girl was missing! His close people denying the incident, casting doubt on it instead of dealing with it! Even the SA to Minister of State for Defence was of same thought! Imagine! If the Ministry of Defence can think the kidnapping was not real, how well will they act to rescue the girls! For his handling of the missing girls, GEJ is a failure!
    For his handling of corruption, no long story, He is a failure.
    For not forcing Abba Moro to resign after our youths died under his watch, GEJ is a failure!
    For dancing at a rally less than 24 hours after the Yanya bomb blast and after the girls were kidnapped, GEJ is not fit to be our leader.
    For saying he know sponsors of Boko Haram and arresting none if them, leaving them to continue killing us, he is a failure!
    We are paying too much attention to Boko Haram, forgetting the insecurity in all parts of the country! Parent of Finance Minister was kidnapped, relative of the President himself was kidnapped, the middle belt is facing war between Fulani and indegenes. All these are happening at once and the Commander in Chief is busy apportioning blames instead of solving the problem! May we not witness another term of this man for only half of us may survive till the end if his 2nd term. Nigeria Do jot need this kind of luck! Goodluck my foot!

  14. Wale

    There is no conspiracy against Jonathan! Boko Haram existed before him. BOKO Haram is not being used to hound GEJ. People in his party made that threat. Facing issues and resolving them is what make one a leader. The harder and more complex the issue you face the greater your accolades! No matter how good you are, you must have opponents. You must be a useless C-in-C if some opponents can be destabilising your government without you doing anything about them. When it comes to deploying and redeploying soldiers, we should know only Millitary commanders can give such orders. So why blame the governor if soldiers guarding a place were moved away before attack. Blame the Millitary who report to GEJ! All I see in GEJ and his supporters do is divide this country along religious lines. This showed in the way his supporters talked about the Chibok girls. Same thing this writer is saying. Some even said the girls that escaped were released because they were Muslims. When the list of escapees was released, only 11 out if 53 were Muslims. Most of the victims were Christians because the school was in a Christian area. Simple! I believe GEJ us a good man. However, he is just incompetent! We need someone who can address our problems and not someone who will claim someone is causing the problem!

    For people who think Northern politicians are the ones using BH to fight GEJ, know that no Politician using violence to achieve his goal will inflict the violence on his own people! When ANC was fighting the blacks, were they killing blacks, when the North was boiling before the civil war, were Northerners being killed by the mob? During operation “Wet e” the other was the other party. Who is the “other” BH is fighting! Are they attacking only PDP members? No! Are they attacking only Christians? No! What is characteristics of BH Enemies? We don’t know! Political violence have a target everybody know. But for BH, we are ALL targets! The earlier we realise that and come together to erase BH from earth, the better for us! We need to do this rather than apportion blames!

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