Congrats to TB Joshua

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I heard he captured one of the Boko Haram Members to at his Scoan Church. I am please asking the Federal Government to help relocate Scoan to Borno State. It will make Nigeria better.

I just finished uploading 10 Chapters to the blog. I scheduled the chapters to auto-post at intervals. It will start with two Chapters tomorrow and end with more on Friday. We will have a busy week of running from one place to another. Enjoy your favourite story.
I will have many more updates within the week.
Scandinavia is about to get interesting.

Is anybody still getting updates in his or her email address?

I want to work on the registration and membership applications which may require a total deletion of every registered member or subscriber.

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  1. Asaba man

    TB Joshua kwa? Ngwa nu. Let him relocate to bornu and let’s see ! I lost a brother last week in d hands of those stupid fools. (I wish I was still in the army) may his soul rest in peace. I could still remember the message he sent to me wen I was in Liberia for peace keeping. Oh! Capt. Anyibuofu. I will always remain rugged and gallant to u. Dead or alive.

  2. joe dejana

    Where did you come from sharp sharp like that,@u….TBJ is where he’s assigned to be, ever wonder why he doesn’t have branches, huh?

    • joe dejana

      Subscription widget….the registration wasn’t working den.

  3. Mekus

    Happy new weeks buddies , May God Almighty bless we all in this Great and wonderful new week .

  4. dandollaz

    zubby tb joshua magic i never believe but only God can see what man ccannot see.while would boko haram will see all the place in lagos and choose SCOAN. abeg there own don too much this one na wash but not because someone is there performing magic those not mean that everybody agree with them,God exist,there is life after death and we humans have soul Period.

    • joe dejana

      Now u say he’s fake….we don’t actually know who is long as there’s no violation of anything in the Bible, we just have to play along

  5. achi4u

    lol @joe dejana we have to play along and pretend as if….ur guest …

  6. Manshyne

    #yawn… So people no sleep today? I no knw say Prophet Zubby get special vigil, i for join or is it still on?

  7. Lanceslot

    I was surprise too reading the news, how can boko boy leave other SW states and come to Lagos a well secured environment/state for an attack?
    How did they drive all the way to Scoan leaving federal and state government property?
    Abeg who is fooling who?
    This guys (so called men of God) is taking Nigerians for a ride, taking a advantage of the destabilize society.
    I’ll like Federal government to look deeper into this, if TB Joshua is tryna claim that he’s the solution, they should send him to borno state…. Eze na ahori ndi ona achi.

  8. kingsley

    If tb joshua relocate to borno state. Then there ll be war between: tb joshua vs bokoharam

    the war surmary……….
    first week: tb joshua 5 vs 0 bokoharam
    second week: tb joshua 10 vs 0 bokoharm
    third week: tb joshua 30 vs 3 boko haram
    fourth week:Bokoharam ll totally be cleared by the “SPIRITOF GOD” (No human bean can fight GOD, IMMPOSIBLE)

  9. Ozoigbondu na Eko

    This still takes us back to the confusion in our today’s religion.

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