Clarion Chukwura slams Ibinabo in new interview + wins AMAA best actress

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Clarion Chukwura, who won Best Actress in a leading role at the 2014 AMAA awards which held on Saturday May 24th, is still attacking AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima. In a new interview with Yes magazine, Clarion said her recent attacks on Ibinabo is not based on jealousy, because her brand is way bigger than Ibinabo’s brand, but only trying to bring dignity back into the guild…
 “If Ibinabo recognized me as a senior colleague, she would have picked up her phone and called me at one point or the other, before or during her leadership. She had never done so. That is one. Two, I was privileged, with the manner she spoke during the issue of the murder case for which she was convicted, and I didn’t see that attitude as someone you should dialogue with. Three at the Nollywood at 20 event, there was not that kind of rapport that okay, you are my senior colleague, at the helm of the leadership of the guild, if you have anything that can assist me in my position, you can please reach out to me. Ejike Asiegbu called on me and I assisted and played my role in every area he asked me to play my role. Zack Orji invited me at one point or the other to and we worked together” she said. Continue…

When she was asked why she did not lead the AGN sometime back when she was approached to do so, Clarion responded;

“Thank You, I was approached in 2003 to be President of AGN. Myself and Emeka Rollas were approached and I accepted. Then I printed posters and started campaigning. Then came the issue that in the East, the state chapter members, the elders said they respect me but that they are not yet ready for a woman to be President. So they said Zack Orji should run for President and I should run for Vice President but I rejected that arrangement and I should support Zack Orji for president. That for me, it is either President or nothing! I would rather be President or stay out of it. So they should cast their minds back to 2003. He should talk of what happened and not misrepresent me, and I repeat, they should stop making this about Clarion Chukwurah attacking Ibinabo Fiberisima because before God and Man, as an actor, as a star, my brand is bigger than Ibinabo Fiberisima’s brand. Whether as a president of AGN or not, they must not loose sight of that fact. So this is not an issue between us. If they push me, I would have this constitution published to the world. This constitution that was amended in March 2012 was done to work for Ibinabo Fiberisima. This constitution has nothing in it. There is nothing spelt out in this constitution that the AGN leadership has something tangible to do for its members. Only burial and marriage. When someone wants to get married, the person gets Fifty thousand naira(N50,000)  and when it is burial, the NEC decides on how much to give. There is nothing in this constitution for the actors. I am well known as one who believes in Legacy. I am an activist, I am well known as such. I am a tested and trusted person. I do not need to be President before you know this. If I become the President, I would not be going to be asking for money but rather I would be calling on the private sector to fulfill their obligations to the acts as spelt out in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria”
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