Chapter 9

The girls were asleep when we got in. staring at at
them I wondered what they knew about me. Bayo
had gone to take his bath. I looked at Bimbo as
she slept on her side facing the wall. Her behind
was bigger than imagined and the short gown she
wore didnt help matters.
Shade on the other hand was lying on her chest, I
still like her bosoms. She wore a yellow top with a
short mini skirt. I imagined the type of panties she
would have on.
Hearing Bayo approach the room door temporarily
put me back to my senses.
Me: where we gonna sleep?
Bayo: bed na.
Me: but it is occupied , four of us cannot sleep on
it. Oh well I will crash on the floor.
Bayo: na you sabi.goodnight.
I wanted to remind him of the straffing he had
talked about earlier, but I felt it was inappropriate.
Secondly I couldn’t imagine two of us having sex
with the girls in the same room.
With his singlet and another chelsea boxer shorts,
he fell beside Shade, who immediately sensed his
presence and rested her head on his chest. It must
be the marijuana cuz the next thing I was
inbetween him and bimbo. Did I mention bimbo’s
behind earlier?. Wow!
I dont knw if she did it on purpose but a sudden
movement from her and her bum was attached to
the left side of my hip. It seemed my hip bone
separated the two halves of her behind. I didnt feel
panties. My dick jerked. I knew I wasnt suppose to
be thinking about this but I couldnt help it. Once
again I blamed it on the marijuana.
After a whie I gave up and shifted my thoughts to
who I might be. Right now I was a glorified
conductor. But who was I three months ago? Who
are my people? I had a car so I must have had
little change. The accident happened infront of
festac’s gate. Maybe I lived in Festac. Or did I visit
someone there? Work there?
Well tomorrow will tell, I tried closing my eyes to
sleep, that was when it began.
I heard Bayo groan before Shade’s. I wanted to
turn around but I felt they needed their privacy.
Suddenly Bayo legs hit mine as he jerked. That
was a good excuse for me to turn.
Though it was dark, due to our close proximity, I
could see Shade’s head move to and fro. She was
giving him a BJ as he put his hands on her head,
pulling it inward. Wanting his entire dick inside her
mouth. The veins of my dick began hurting as she
sucked at the cap of his dick. He let out a low
moan. As if on cue, she opened her eyes and it
met mine. She smiled as she rubbed a film of
saliva on Bayo’s dick. His eyes were firmly shut.
Courtesy warranted I turned away , but as I did ,
Bimbo’s eyes were wide open. Her lips were just
inches away from mine. The bed felt smaller. She
looked into my eyes like she was daring me. The
soft moan of Shade was already filling d room. The
gown Bimbo wore did little to cover her
unclothedness. Her fully turgid Tips created a
visible cone. I was speechless, mouth was dry. It
was like the marijuana cleared from my eyes.
With a swift movement, her hand was inside my
Bimbo: bad boy, no boxers aye?
She whispered as her hands caressed my
balls..gently like they were a previous gem.
Me: you didnt wear any panties either
I wasnt to be defeated.
Bimbo: so you knew?…then why am I not being
manipulated now?
Me: stuttered*
She took my hand with the other available hand
and directed it between her legs. I felt the short
hairs before my index finger felt her wetness. She
gasped as I rubbed her femalecore. The lips of her
V was full and parted with ease. I could feel some
fluid trace its way down my finger. She started
moaning and gyrating her hips to further
accomodate my finger.
I felt a prick on my back, so I briefly turned to see
Bayo pounding into Shade as she squeezed the
She was saying things that were extra-terrestrial,
Bayo pounded away. Her hands held his bum as
she pullex him closer, screaming. Bayo’s only
sound was ‘hum, hum, hum….’
Turning back to Bimbo, my sokoto had already
been pulled to my knees. I felt the her lips encircle
my dick. Her tongue licked the thin line that that
ran from my cap to my balls. Damn she was good!
Her mouth made sounds like she was sucking at
everything that she could. I place my hands on her
ample bosoms. She had big hard Tips. She
choked as I pressed it between my fore finger and
thumb. All thIs while my dick didnt come out of
her mouth.
Abruptly she pushed me down the bed, so I was
lying on my back then she pulled her gown.
Revealing two lovely bosoms and hips any guy
would crave. She had this V that only showed you
the beginning of its lips. She saw I was looking so
she spread her legs. I saw the wetness shine
through the darkness. Without further ado she fell
ontop of me as she placed her right Tip between
my lips. I bit it gently , I equally rolled it with my
tongue. Already our hips were squeezing at
eachoda. When she couldnt take it any longer, she
used her left hand to grab my dick, and inserted it.
I felt the warm wetness as it went further in,
making both of us moan loudly.
Then she started riding.

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