Chapter 8

I noticed change in the mood of people in the
evening. While the young passengers talked more
in the morning about sports , etc. The grown ups
talked about hardships in the evenings. Everything
annoyed them. From traffic to Gej to Tinubu even
Fashola. Nobody was spared. Bayo drove with one
hand on the steering and another on curved and
resting on the door.
He wasnt interested in their politics or complaints.
I only heard him reply a passenger that insisted
Osupa was better than Pasuma.
By 4pm we stopped to eat. He ate amala while I
went for rice. I can remember that I liked rice and I
liked fanta. I remembered who Ronaldo was and
Chelsea, but I couldnt remember anything about
myself. It was getting frustrating.
I couldn’t wait for the day to be over, Going round
and round the same bus-stops was boring.
Bayo: you brought me goodluck o. Our profit today
after delivery is 6k, I go knack you 2k.
Me: mighty generous of you but I need a change
of clothes and to take a bath.
Bayo: ok, we will go to Shade’s house.
Me: who is shade?
Bayo: The girl dat saw your kekere
Me: very funny.
If she has a house why does she sleep in the park
Bayo: Because she is happy when she sleeps
beside Omooba.
Me: you bewitched her.
Bayo: lol… heart bewitched hers…im
innocent o..I have some clothes there, you will
Me: thanks for taking care of me while I was
Bayo: its dat bastard hospital, they wanted more
money and we didnt have. So they booted you out.
But you are better now. Thank God say we no
waste money.
Me: but my head aches.
Bayo: anoda miracle, dead men dont complain.
I could swear alot of educated people couldn’t spar
with words like he did.
It was 10:30 when we got to her house. He had
called her earlier to inform her that he was coming
over with me. For a kpomo seller , her room was
cute. She even had a fridge in it. Even thou she
shared a toilet with the rest of her neighbours, I
was impressed.
After takingy bath, I expected to see just Shade and
Bayo, but I saw another girl.
Bayo: meet Bimbo
Me: Bimbo hello
Bimbo: o ma fine o..hii
Shade: his name is Kekere.
Bimbo: oh…nice name!
I hoped to God they hadnt told her the origin of the
name. I hoped she never found out.
While I stepped out to put on the clothes Bayo had
given me, I heard whispers in the room.
Then I eaves dropped.
Bayo: …..but I like am
Shade: you cant allow yourself to.
Bimbo: Na una sabi. But he is fine o..choi. that
guy make brain.
So she knew me?.there was something fishy.
Suddenly the door opened.
Bayo: how long you go take wear cloth?
Me: *mumbled*
Bayo: oya make we go, I have a drug for your
I was sceptical about everything that was coming
out of his mouth. Was he suppose to kill
me?..doea he know me?..
Me: okay.
He told me we were going to tarmac as we
climbed his okada. He told me he was an okada
rider before the ban. I asked for helmet, he
11:00 we were at Tarmac. An abandoned
secondary school. He asked if I had smoked igbo
Me: I think so
Bayo: skunk?
Me: am not sure.
Bayo: it cures everything. With the right amount it
can cure Aids.
Me: says who?
Bayo: Doctor
Me: who is Doctor., can I get drugs from him?
Bayo: ofcourse, I am Doctor Bayo, here..this is
I felt dumb. Ofcourse he was everything, except a
pilot, thanks to almighty arithmetic.
After a few passed drags with him, some other
people started entering the compound too. But we
were wasted by then.
Bayo: tonight we finish those girls in the
Me: finish how?
I didnt like the sound.
Bayo: we shine their congo heavily.
Me: congo…shine? ..I dont get..
Bayo: tonight…we Bleep.

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