Chapter 7

Bayo took a sip of his beer and dropped the
I wanted to scream for him to just get on with it
but I kept quiet.
He was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans. He
had a ring on his index and pinkie fingers, both left
and right.
Bayo: this happened two months ago. My bus had
a problem with the break. So I decided to work
with alhaji. Alhaji route is mile2 to Iyana Iba. On
this faithful day as we dey go, for first gate area of
festac, na him we meet accident. The other car ,
everybody don die inside. Your car, na only u dey,
but your head hit side mirror or so. People just
dey look say you too don die. You knw how we
dey take fear Ak for this side na, nobody like police
report. But Alhaji , very stubborn and powerful stop
the bus. Break ur side mirror, him come dey shout
say u neva die! People still no come o..them dey
snap picture with their phone. I just clear all the
passengera wey dey our bus. Alhaji bring u him we fire you go Lota hospital.
Me: Any document in the car, like id card
etc..atleast to show who I am?
Bayo: na the problem be that, we sell your scrap
car to pay hospital bill. Kekere, your car was a
Me: so nothing was recovered?
Bayo: nothing.
Me: I must get to Lota hospital and the accident
scene. You must help me.
Bayo: no wahala. Tomorrow na salah..we go visit
the places.
Me: I promise I will pay you for your trouble and
Bayo: no worry, I go remove am frm ur daily salary
until e go complete.
Me: im not your conductor.
Bayo: conductor ke!…no o…I just sack my
conductor this morning. I send the message.
Everytime him win Baba ijebu. The next day, him
go lie say one of him family members die. After a
while I come dey write doen all of them wey him
tell me say die. Him Uncle Ajala don die three
times, Auntie ronke hairdresser die, Auntie ronke
fish seller die.
You are my Otunba. You no get family wey fit
Me: Im not your conductor, by tomorrow I will go
home. Find my family, I have a family.
Bayo: You will go home. Family too get their
wahala sha o.
His phone rang . After listening for a short time.
He stood up.
Bayo: make I meet Ezinne for back, only
5minutes…I no dey tey…shoki ni
Me: can I object?
Bayo: chai, you too smart. When I come back, we
do four more trips.. then I will show you
something wey go blow your mind!.

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    I stay in the estate where Lota hospital is located, i guess u stay arnd too.

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