Chapter 6

While waiting for our 6th trip, alot of other buses
had joined the queue. Bayo led me to a bar within
the park. As we got in a couple of peeps started
hailing him. They were shouting ‘prince’, ‘omooba’,
omo aye’..
A lady immediately came to sit on his lap.
Lap sitter: Bayo, you didn’t call me last night. You
said you were going to sleep in my house
Bayo: my phone went off, no battery. E no go beta
for those chinco people. I buy fone 7k, battery dies
less than a day.
Lap sitter : today nko?…Nkwobi dey o..
Bayo: oh Ezinne!…if I no marry you, no other
person! Gimme 33.
Saying this, he nonchalantly shoves her up
ungentlemanly. She didnt seem to mind.
Ezinne: u nko?
Me: Fanta
Ezinne looked at Bayo with a ‘huh’ expression.
Bayo: bring Fanta for my brother na! Na everybody
go be drunkard like your papa? My brother na
born-again christian.
I wasnt surprised that she wasnt angry, Bayo just
had the charm
Ezinne: na your papa be drunkard!
She said this with a flirtatious look at him. He
grinned back.
Ezinne: this your brother fine o, na half-cast?
Bayo: ehn…na same papa born us…but different
Na same mama born am and C.ronaldo. ode! Half-
cast ko….full-cast ni.
Bayo picked a copy of complete sports lying on
the table. I wondered if he could read. But he
seemed to be doing fine going through the papers.
Bayo :This season, that Oscar go blow for chelsea.
Na we go carry league!
Me: who told you I am a chelsea supporter?
Bayo: You are my Otunba, you support my club,
wear my clothes, shoes…but never my
women… are my brother.
Me: chelsea mtchwww, I will get my own clothes
and shoes..just tell me what I need to know abt
In my mind, I knew I was now a chelsea fan.
Shortly afterwards, Ezinne came with the drinks, he
spanked her behind as she went away.
Bayo: she has the softest yansh in this park!
Believe me!
The funny thing was I believed him.
Me: its 11 na, oya talk!
Bayo: oh okay, I will tell you everything…..

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