Chapter 5

The bus wa s originally a fourteen sitter, but had
somehow been converted to an eighteen. It was
filled with different Pasuma stickers, some weird
looking poster advertising pile cure was also there.
Spiritual assistance for job, visa etc was displayed
The ignition of the car was in ruins. Two wires was
the key. He started cursing as two park guards
approached him to collect 200naira.
Bayo: all they know is money, they wont repair
yhe park o, wetin dem dey use our money do sef, I
no know.
Me: so will you tell me where you found me?
Bayo: ofcourse, but not now. This is the most
important part of the day. If we can go to Oshodi
and back four times before 10’oclock, we can now
relax as passengers trickle in. The rest of the day
is likely going to be heavy with traffic.
Me: so 10’oclock?
Bayo: 10:05,
I wanted to ask what the 5min was for, but I
declined. I made up my mind I was gonna trace
my roots. So Bayo and I had limited time. I would
miss him I concluded.
Mile 2 was filled with young and old people, they
looked like hardworking people. While the young
showed zeal, the old showed defeat.
Bayo: Oshodi, Oshodi…e wole pelu change
o…aaro la wo o…mi o run iya anybody o!
People started rushing in. Even the women shoved
anybody that came in their way. In less than a
minute, the bus was filled. A plain clothed guy
opened the frony door and sat beside me. His face
was hard and lips black.
Bayo: that sit na for staff oga, my motor don full
Black lips frowned
Bayo: Oga I say na for staff, commot for my motor
Black lips looked at me as if asking if I was a staff
Me: I am not staff
Bayo stopped the engine, and was about to start
anoda set of screaming when Black lips brought
out his id card.
Bayo: oga olopa, why you come dey waste our
time before. You for don talk, ehn…
Black lips: you are very silly, na the first time I go
enter your motor be this.?
Bayo starts the engine.
Bayo : ahn ahn, you don dey vex, e no good to dey
vex o..ehn…my officer…Black is
beautiful…ehn! magic!..u too much..
The sound of the engine soon drowned the
laughter emanating from the other passengers. As
Bayo drove, I looked at him and saw bliss,
satisfaction. He was not educated but was content
wit his life. The educated one behind looked
I was educated but I cant remember if I am a
graduate, or an undergraduate or a young worker.
As we made our trips to and fro. I got to like Bayo.
He could shout and rain abuses on passangers but
he also made them laugh and feel at ease. He even
flirted with some and made them blush. Asking
why their husbands didnt buy cars for them.
Bayo: if not for arithmetic, I for don be pilot and
you madam! for be my iyawo. Five cars for u!
Just like d rest, she blushed.

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    Now that a nice story. Whoever started this story, Oga ZUBY, most to come and finish it oooo. We can read this along side yours @ZUBY. Lol.

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