Chapter 4

I had alot of questions on my mind. I
tried smelling my armpits to know the
extent of stench that I was oozing out.
I also wanted to know if I had other
clothes to wear.
Before long, the food girl came
around. She steadied a transparent
bucket of different kind of meat on her
The clothe she was wearing was
different from what she wore the last
time I saw her.
I wantef to talk to her but Bayo was
beside me smoking a piece of joint.
As she approached, he gave me to
hold and rushed to meet her.
Food girl: why did you give him igbo, u
want to scatter his head abi?
Bayo: what about me, you care about
everybody except me,
he drew her closer as he said this.
Me: I can hear you people , stop
talking as if I am an object.
Food girl: ma binu, I am happy you are
strong enough to even notice we are
talking about you.
Me: Do you know my name?
Food girl: No, whats your name?
I sighed and told her not to bother.
When Bayo and I step on the road I
will find out where he saw me. I would
go there and retrace my steps.
I noticed they were laughing, I tried
ignoring but they kept at it.
Me : whats funny?
She wanted to talk but Bayo’s eye
expression told her to shut up.
Me: Bayo…please tell me na
Bayo: nothing o, na personal thing
between my wife and me.
Me: Talk na…please
Bayo chuckled.
Bayo: okay, since I brought you here,
na she dey baff you…so she just start
to dey call you kekere one morning
like that. And since then…na kekere
everybody dey refer to you as.
Me: kekere , why?
They both started laughing, it got so
much that she had to drop her bucket
and hold her waist.
Bayo: she says your joystick is very
The foodgirl gave him a poke on the
chest, telling him he shouldnt have
included that part.
I was supposed to feel bad but the
realisation that she had been bathing
me was worse.
Bayo: oya lets go
Foodgirl: odabo…safe trips..olorun
ma so e pada o..
Bayo took a piece of kpomo and threw
in his mouth. He pointed to an old
rickety danfo and told me , that’s our
He didnt bother saying amen to her
prayer or goodbye, he just detached
himself and walked alongside me. I
noticed he was whispering
somethings to himself but I couldnt
Just before we got in the vehicle, he
asked if I was a christian or a muslim.
I told him I didnt know. He said dats
good. For he was neither too. All he
knows is God and God knows him. I
just noded.
Bayo: as from today, you are Otunba
I looked at his face to see if it was a
joke or he expected a reaction from
me. He was dead serious.
Me: kekere…referring to my joystick
Bayo: dats between me and kemi, but
to everyoda person, you are the king’s
young adviser.
Me: who is the king?
Bayo: me

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