Chapter 37

She left by dawn..I woke up and she was not
there…the only evidence that she was around was
the champagne glasses, her clothes in the
bin…and her smell on the sheets…on me…
Bayo checked back in with me…I could swear he
looked slimmer. That Oluchi girl had used up all
the nutrients in his…. We both ordered a
large breakfast. Chunks of yam slices with fried
eggs and sausages. A jug full of orange juice was
to ensure we replenished some vitamins..
Bayo: that Oluchi na tiger o….
Me: you enjoyed urself na….
Bayo: she even blow me for faculty of law
library. …e get one corner for there….back back..
Me: do you even think of the girls you left behind?
Do they cross your mind?
Bayo: u mean Shade and co?
Me: yes..
Bayo: them no send me too na..
Me : maybe dem dey fear..
Bayo: O’boy na so life be jor…no hard feelings…
We continued eating…I expected him to ask me
about Amarachi but he didnt… then his phone
rang. he saw the call he seemed to recoil…he
showed me the called Id…it was Alhaji. I told him
to pick and put it on speaker…
Alhaji: Hello..
Bayo: Ekaaro sir…
Alhaji:Where are you?
Bayo: Akure sir
Alhaji laughed..but quietly…
Alhaji: What of the boy?
Bayo: I no knw where e dey sir
Alhaji: You mean you lost him?
Bayo: yes sir, na why I run come Akure sir…na
fear make me run..
Alhaji laughed again..
Alhaji: make sure you find him before 12am..I want
two of you in my house..
Bayo: but sir…I dnt know where he is…
Alhaji: 12am…
Bayo: …hhmmm ok..Sir. ..
Alhaji: hold on Taofeek wants to say hello…
I could swear my heart skipped four beats. ..
Taofeek: Bayoski. don poo for church…you
come use bible clean yansh…that is to say.
me and you now…
Bayo: which kind rubbish you dey talk?
Taofeek: if u like run….I go find una.
…he hung up..
We suddenly lost appetite…listening to the convo,
I didnt realise my phone was ringing, it was
Amarachi. ..
I wasnt in the mood to talk to her. The main
reason why I invited her to Ibadan was for her to
borrow me the balance to sort out the Lebanese.
When I asked her as she left this morning….she
said all her money was tied up…who borrows a
dying man millions btw?
Amarachi: im in Lagos. .
Me: thank God for journey mercies…
Amarachi: thanks, im sorry I couldn’t help, for
what its worth, I enjoyed myself.
Me: im glad you did…
Amarachi: on my way ,your friend called me…
Me: which friend?
Amarachi: Ahmed…he wanted to pass a message
across to you…I couldnt hear him so I just gave
him your number…
Me: I told you not to tell anybody about me..
Amarachi: oops…but you and him go way back…
Me: hope you didnt tell him my location? ..
Amarachi: ahn ahn…no…
I hung up…
Bayo was already packing up..
Me: whats happening?
Bayo: we must commot for here..
Me:But dem no knw say we dey here na…
Bayo: that Alhaji laugh no be am at all!…
Me: the Lebanese are coming soon too..
Bayo: choi…it have finish. .
Me: before we leave Ibadan, I must confirm
something….lets pack our stuffs to the car first
We spent most of the day at Shoprite. Just lazing
around…I could tell Bayo was jumpy. ..knowing a
legion of people were after you does something
nasty to your nerves….
Oluchi kept calling him but he busied her
calls..she was indeed insatiable. I thought of
Cynthia and wanted to call her but I couldnt…not
wise to drag her into this..
At night we went to the 10th floor of Cocoa house,
I had purchased a night utility Binoculars from
GAME at shoprite.
My gazing was getting futile and I was already
getting tired when I saw a Hiace bus pull in just
infront of the hotel.
About Eight guys came down, though it was dark I
could see his build. I could see his swag
pronounced by his bow-legs.. he was tall and
Majestic..the others seem to listen to him as he
gave instructions..
I tapped Bayo and gave him the binoculars and he
saw him too…he shivered…
Taofeek was in Ibadan.

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  1. papindinho

    arrgh! Yahwa don gas o….. Who blew the cover. Is this a game planned?

  2. Ruffhandu

    Hi David,
    I couldn’t reconcile “She left by dawn… I woke up and she was not there…” and “When I asked her as she left this morning…”

    Also, it should have been “who lends a dying man millions” and not “who borrows a dying man millions”

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