Chapter 36

I was on shorts while she wore a tank top and
skirt..we lay in bed with a bucket of champagne
and pringles…
My head was on her laps…her phone was playing
rock songs she claimed I used to like..Nickel back,
Stained, Linkin park, lifehouse and foo fighters. The
songs were like shadows…I could remember the
ambience but not the music. I liked it, especially
when she sang along. Most of the song was of
hurt…especially foo fighters ‘best of
you’…somebody must have really hurt this girl….I
must have hurt her…
No doubt I must have loved her once, but cheating
is not much about love than about loyalty. You
can love a girl and not be loyal..You can be loyal
and your love had faded…most of us want Love
and Loyalty…Life would have been easier if we had
been satsfied with just one…
Me: I have been thinking of what I will do when I
am finally in the open
Amarachi: and what is that?
Me: A very big bar and restaurant, a movie theatre
or a lounge. ..
Amarachi: the funny thing is you have always
wanted a were making plans for one
at V.I, most drugs and oil boys like Lounges…its
their passage to being Legit.
Me: You have the plans?
Amarachi: nope..
I lighted up a roll of blunt and we smoked..her
sweetened lip gloss added spice to d kpolly.
Puffing and passing continue for a while…to the
point that everything became funny..even when
she informed me that she would be leaving in the
morning…we laughed about it…her boyfriend’s 31
missed calls?..we laughed harder…
It was getting late so she turned around to
sleep…I put my hands on her waist and just
planned to enjoy the moment…
Ok..that was my dick, the silly thing
started acting on its hands too…but out
of too much respect…she is my ex for
christsakes…I left on her waist and just enjoyed
her soft breathing…I wondered what was in her
mind…my mind was filled with lust.
Unexpectedly, her hand picked up my semi
wandering hand..I thought she was gonna fling it
away, instead she dragged it beneath her Tank-top
until it rested on her palm felt the
stone-like hardness of her Tips. She moaned
gently and started moving her legs beneath the
duvet..her hand left mind, and without looking
back…she cupped my dick through my
shorts…she pulled down the zipper looked for the
opening of the boxers and pulled it out…the way
her thumb pressed against the cap was beyond
this world..then she went down the shaft to my
balls..I was feeling her bosoms…after a while I
took my hands down underneath her skirt. She
wasnt wearing fingers separated the
lips of her core until it found the clits. ..the room
was cold..very cold..but it was warm down
there…after rubbing and tickling and I was already
giving up that this was where the adventure will
end,….she lifted her right leg….and from
behind…my dick entered her…

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