Chapter 35

We visited Aleshinloye to get new clothes for her.
Mighty choosy if I might add. I really wanted to
say what was on my the same time I was
enjoying her company. She told me about the past
escapades, times when we could hardly eat and
had to collect noodles on credit from mama
Hassan, to times when we had more money than
our minds could comprehend. I would have loved
to take her to cool places I knew, but I still felt
uneasy..for now indoors will be safe.
When we got back in, I called Bayo to meet me at
the lobby, I sent Amarachi upstairs..
Bayo: howfar na?
Me: I dey o, you don call Alhaji?
Bayo: him no pick my calls..
Me: we cant just stay here forever you know?
Bayo: what if den don forget about us?..maybe
they have moved on?
Me: 1.2mil! Even Sultan of Brunei will not move
Bayo: so what do you think we should do?
Me: we have to confront them…I explain my case
Bayo:mehn..they might nt kill you immediately, but
I would have no use,…dont you think so?
Me: they wont kill you…I will put dat as part of the
Plus isnt Alhaji like a father to you..
Bayo: Even David killed Absalom..
Back in the suite…she was in bed…she seemed to
have taken her bath and was taking a nap.. I saw
her Ipad on the dresser…curious, I picked it up to
see if I could know more than she was
saying…password encrypted.
It was when she stretched abit, and the covers
shifted away from her neck I realised she probably
was Unclad.
Ofcus she was!..the new clothes were in their
packs…her old ones were in the waste basket.
Bayo was busy in the other room…Amarachi was
sleeping In this one…I took a packet of Benson to
the balcony. the fumes filled my lungs I could
swear I saw somebody I knew from the distance..I
strained my eyes and the face disappeared. I was
probably getting paranoid.
in the evening I took her to Eleyele to eat Amala.
She was forming sophistication, when she saw
ladies of her caliber digging Amala like their life
depended on it, she reverted.
Me: two months was too short a time to stop
waiting for a guy you loved. .
Amarachi: its more complicated than that…we
were already having issues, plus I didnt even know
if I would see you again..
Me: 6months would have been understandable
Amarachi: well, I am not a girl to stay alone for
too long…
Me: any regrets?
Amarachi: not really…
Me: tell me about your Guy. .
Amarachi: He is a marketing executive, shuttles
between Lagos and Newyork
Me: you love him?
Amarachi: not as much as I love what he does for
Me: Are you still into the drugs business?
Amarachi:..yh, but on a low key…just investments
and returns…
Me: what if I said I wanted us back together?
Amarachi: for business?
Me: as a couple…
Amarachi: that ship has sailed babe…
Me: oh…
She held my left hand with hers..
Amarachi: you are just lonely, the only reason you
want me is because its been a while, you will be
like before as soon as you get what you want..
Me: what do I want?
Amarachi: inside my pants..
Me: no naa…im a gentleman na..
Amarachi: since I came, you have been wondering
if you would screw me tonight..
Me: how do you know that?
Amarachi: I can read you…
Me: oh…you said that before….
Bayo sent me a text that he had gone for a dinner
party with Oluchi…faculty of Law blabla…
Amarachi dashed into the bathroom as soon as we
got in, she was pressed…I stepped to the balcony
to smoke a stick of cigarette. .I realised smoking
was something I did when I was tensed…I also
realised that I had left the balcony door open the
last time I was there…but now it had been
shut…did somebody get in?..I had told the hotel
manager that it shouldnt be cleaned while I wasnt
in…did he forget?…am I paranoid?
…or is Alhaji already in town?

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