Chapter 34

Even though Bayo was in the next room, I was
missing him..truth be told. But as he had
predicted, it gave me the opportunity to think
clearly.. I still had issues with the story that I stole
from Alhaji. When I got messages from the
Lebanese straight up.
I had started giving up that I might ever remember
my past. I had to focus on the future now..
Quite unexpectedly I started processing my
relationship with Bayo from the beginning. .I loved
him but did he love me?
He was the informant that got Cynthia
sacked. ..was he still an informant? Was that why
Alhaji wasnt here with his boys yet?
Thinking about him in that light didnt seem right..I
tried pushing it away but it didnt go.
I really needed to talk to someone..Amarachi was
on her way…no not her….I picked up my phone. .
Me: Cynthia howfar?
Cynthia: Nathan X, whats up?
Me: Im scared.
Cynthia : oh my God. ..whats wrong?
Me: I feel something bad is around, I don’t know
who to trust. .
Cynthia: Breathe in..its gonna be alright..
Me: ..Are you sure…u really mean that?
Cynthia: nope…I just want you to be aii.
Me: its refreshing talking to you..
Cynthia: im always here for you..
Me: thanks dear…
Cynthia: where are you?
Me: Ibadan
Cynthia: for how long?
Me: I dnt knw…but should know today..
Cynthia: just keep me posted. ..
Me: thought you said I shouldn’t call you?
even surprised you picked up..
Cynthia: im a girl, we seldomly say what we
Me: oh…
Cynthia: Bye Nathan. .
Me: No goodbyes. ..not yet…
She hung up…
I checked my phone and saw a couple of misses
It was Amarachi.
Me: where are you?
Amarachi: Challenge…just talk to the cab guy…tell
him your location.
I did…
Thirty minutes later ..I opened the door as
Amarachi entered my Suite..
She was looking beautiful as usual in a short white
gown..with matching shoes and bag. In her hand
was also her Ipad.
Amarachi: You have the whole suite to yourself, no
girls around, babe are you impotent?
Me:..How Was your journey , jare?
Amarachi: I hate road trips. .
Me: buy yourself a chopper na…
Amarachi: your crash messed that all up.
I offered her a glass of wine…she wasnt packed
like she was staying for long…I was hoping she
would spend a night at least…
Me: I want us to clarify some business issues. ..
Amarachi: cant that wait till later at night?
Me: thought you were going soon…I cant see any
clothes for tomorrow .
Amarachi: babe…you and I dont travel with
clothes. ..we shop on our way…you gat alot to
remember o…
Me: oh….panties too?
Amarachi: silly boy….most importantly lingerie. .
Me: oh…
Amarachi: I am famished. ..
Me: what do you want to eat?
Amarachi: Chips and fish…
Me: drink?
Amarachi: surprise me….
My phone rang..
Bayo: she don come?
Me: yes…
Bayo: chai….
Me: why?
Bayo: I been wan come borrow your condom, my
own don finish…
Me: the four of them?
Bayo: one burst…
Me: how oluchi? …no kill that girl o…
Bayo: kill bawo? …na she say make I ask you
Me: oh..
Bayo: you get?
Me: I dey come front of your room now…
I hung up…
Amarachi: is that Bayo?
Me: yes…buhhh….how did you know his name?
Amarachi: you mentioned it….
Me: did I.?….oh…
As I went to give Bayo the condoms…I kept
thinking….did I mention his name?

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  1. peezy

    You all are in danger. Dat lady is a spy to some bad pple, maybe alhaji or d drug client. Sm1 close to u might die…prolly bayoski omoba mazamaza

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