Chapter 33

While Bayo went to drop them in their hostel, I
took my laptop to a cafe down the road. Apart from
the tons of silly messages in my inbox, some stood
Among them was a message from Mr Ahmed,
telling me I had to return his $1.2m. That I had
brought dust instead of cocaine. ..white dust..
Another message followed another threatening to
kill me and everybody I held dear. .
He must be the Lebanese based in Accra.
A couple of messages from Amarachi , asking if I
wss alright and that my phone was switched off..
A day before I had gone through personal files on
my computer..I realised I was a big player in the
cocaine trade..
My route was from Lagos to Accra, Nairobi and
South Africa…I get it from Lahore, Pakistan. .
I had a company called viola Medicals…that deals
with the importation of medical equipments….yh
right! Medical indeed.
I looked for information concerning my
parents… pictures, no
Instead I had pics with D’banj and Don jazzy when
the going was good..I and Genevieve and a couple
of people that should be my friends at Hiphop
awards. was like I had no family..there were a
couple of other pics
..past cars…my first multimillion naira check..etc..
Bayo was waiting for me in the hotel when I got
Bayo: mehn…last night bad o..
Me:..yeah..guy…im owing some Lebanese $1.2m
Bayo: our money no reach?
Me: nope..
Bayo: so wetin we go do?
Me: you told me that I stole from Alhaji while
Alhaji’s people stole from the Lebanese.
Bayo: na wetin dem tell me I tell you.
Me: Alhaji don call you
Bayo: no o..
Me: something terrible is about to happen..
I picked up my phone…and dialed Amarachi’s
Me: hey whats up..
Amarachi: are you?
Me: are you back in Nigeria?
Amarachi: will be back tonight..
Me: I have to see you..
Amarachi; babe I told you I am seeing
somebody. ..
Me: this is business…
Amarachi: wow…are you back in the game?
Me: listen…be in Ibadan tomorrow morning, I will
come pick u up at Challenge. .
Amarachi: I dont like Ibadan…
Me: I might not be your man but I am still your
boss.. bleeping turned on right now..
Me: my regards to your bf..
Amarachi: and mine to the poor ibadan girls
wherever you are situated. ..
Me: crazy girl…
Amarachi: usually said that beneath the
Me: Tomorrow morning
Amarachi: Yes boss.
When I hung up, Bayo was already separating our
Bayo: your babe dey come na…gotta check into
another room..
Me: thats till tomorrow now…
Bayo: clear your head up today, I know say u
suppose process something in your head…plus I
am thinking I need legal advice on my choice of
Me: which of them are you inviting?
Bayo: Oluchi…that girl get sugar for her
meow…plus she dey very intelligent. ..I can tell.
Me: no p…bye batman..
Bayo…bye Robin……
He looked at me and winked…’hood’..
and then I remembered. .
Me: Bayo! Come lets snap one picture together
…I brought out my phone and we took a selfie…he
was smiling wildly. .
Bayo: you wan put am for facebook?
Me: no…just incase anything happens…

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