Chapter 30

We got a suite to ourselves..Bayo spent all
morning going through the clothes and shoes.
Then we picked randomly. The only problem with
our dressing now was our boxers. I couldnt wait to
remove Mourinho from my balls, Bayo wouldnt let
go of his Chelsea crested briefs.
Bayo: lemme tell you, since I started wearing
chelsea boxers..I no jamb person, person no jamb
me…I no break olokada leg..police no arrest
is my lucky charm…if u dnt knw. .
Me: ok…atleast wear something else sometimes…
Bayo: na by force?…u be homosexual?…just tell
me make I dey wear G-string na…olobe..
Me: oya no vex..
Bayo: we go need call Alhaji…
Me: we will do that later at night… for now I got
calls to make…can u order for lunch?
Bayo: Amala and Ewedu with bokoto?
Me: pounded yam for me…with Egusi…goat meat..
Boat: 33…u nko?
Me: Heineken
Bayo: Because you don turn olowo, na Heineken
now abi?…olodo
I stuck my tongue out. ..
Me: na both of us be olowo..
The sweet thing about sharing all I had with Bayo
was amplifed by the fact that he sold his bike so
we would survive..I knew if he was in my
shoes…he would do likewise…
I needed to make some calls..first I called
Amarachi. .
Me: whats up?
Amarachi: oh…babe whats up?
Me: im good…pls whats my email add..?
Me: lol…Im mr bond..
Amarachi: yes, a flirt too..
Me: you like reminding me yh?…so whats up with
Amarach: im fine…
Me: Your bf?
Amarachi: stop acting childish…u really dnt care…
Me: got me…
Amarachi: so where are you held up?
Me: the west…abi u wan come see me?
Amarachi: Biko stop…lol..
Me: no p…takea.
Amarachi: I will be travelling to Ghana soon…
Me: business or pleasure?
Amarachi: lol…both..
I didnt like the thought of her lips on a guys dick..
Me: enjoy dear
Amarachi: bye boo..
Me: bye..
I dialled another number..
Cynthia: hello mr X…
Me: my name is Nathan, I miss you. . talk like that…except its platonic
Me: tell me you dnt think of me of our love making
Cynthia: I dnt…
Me: how is your bf?
Cynthia: he is great…have you gotten back you
Me: no..just a few details, I met the fair girl..
She paused for a while…
Me: hello..
Cynthia: I am here..
Me: you were quiet..
Cynthia: so how is she..she is taking care of you I
Me: not like that. ..I am not with her
Cynthia: ok..I gotta go now..
Me: I will check on you later
Cynthia: pls dnt, my boyfriend is the Jealous kind
Me: oh…no p…bye
Cynthia: what I told you before about not thinking
about our love making..
Me : yh?
Cynthia: I lied.
…she hung up…
10hrs later….
Bayo and I decided to know more about the
sexuality of Ibadan girls, we would call Alhaji later,
we had a mad ride…we were good looking…we
had loads of cash….
First stop was university of Ibadan…load the car
with some girls ready to party!..second
stop..Dome…third, our hotel room…where we
wanted to do bad things to daddy’s little girls…

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