Chapter 30: We Didn’t Care

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[b]Episode 30: We Didn’t Care[/b] We had zex in the bare floor in the cabin in Apulia beach.
It was the best zex I ever had; perhaps it was because it happened in an open place. The door to the cabin was not closed, there was a lock on the inside of the door but we didn’t bother to use it. We simply did our thing without minding if someone would see us or not. We had seen white people doing it in an open cabin down the beach and we didn’t do a thing, We only glanced at them and walked away.
Since we saw them and did nothing, I was sure nobody would do anything to us too. It was a beach and we were old enough to have zex.
The only reservation was that we were blacks and it was never in our culture to have zex in an open place but we were not in Africa. The good news was that Solomon didn’t care either.
Before we even remembered to close the door, we were already deep into one another and that small gap between what we were doing and closing the door could destroy the fun I was about to have. Besides since Solomon was already sitting on the floor, I was required to close the door myself but I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to have zex in an open place and that was it.

The cool breeze from the ocean brushed on us occasionally as we kissed every kissable part of our bodies.

“Are you not scared that people might see us?” Solomon had asked.

“Shut up and make love to me,” I said in return.

His trouser was hurriedly yanked off him at the same time he removed my clothes too. We were totally naked in an open cabin while people walked past us without minding what we did.

I pushed him back to the floor to lie on his back. His stiff manhood was excited as I lowered my mouth and started sucking on it. He moaned as my warm tongue touched the tip of his manhood and I slowly sucked my way down the entire length.
His hands stretched out and found my pointed boobs; he squeezed away gently too.

We worked on each other for several minutes before we couldn’t take it any longer, then I climbed on top of him, spread my legs wide enough around him and slowly lowered my cunt onto his manhood.
Slowly, the entire length of his manhood entered inside me as I pumped away in ecstasy.
I would pump and pump and then kiss the tips of his breasts one after the other until he was powerless to do anything but suspend himself to me totally.

For over five minutes, I remained in that position. I would move my waist up and down his manhood and then pause for a while before I continued. Things went on that way until he got up, turned me around and made me hold the edge of the low window of the cabin. My protruded buttocks exposed the entrance of my cunt.
I moaned out loud as he slowly inserted his manhood into me and this time, it was his turn to hit me hard and harder.
I was out of the world without my knowledge.
I didn’t remember we were in an open place, I just wished he never stopped but like every other zex, he was bound to get tired and eventually stop whether I wanted or not.

Three minutes later, I felt his warm sperm inside me and waited for the last drop of it to go inside before he pulled out. I didn’t care if I would get pregnant; it was what I even wanted anyway.
I felt getting pregnant would keep Solomon for me forever. It was what I prayed for too because I was sure it would be very difficult to find someone else who would love me like he did.

He turned me around and we hugged and held each other, kissing more and more until the excitement became less, then we wore our clothes and walked out of the beach while holding our hands in confidence; something we didn’t do in the past.

“Did you enjoy it?” He had asked before we got to the Taxi stand.

“You know I enjoyed it.” I smiled at him.
“I didn’t know you enjoyed it, you didn’t tell me you enjoyed it until I asked,” he said.

We laughed together as I hit him playfully. We got to the Taxi stand and took a cab back to where we wanted to have dinner in Braga.
It was already past 8pm before we got back to Braga City.
Inside an Italian restaurant where we were about to have dinner, his phone rang.

“I told you never to call me unless it’s an emergency,” Solomon said on the phone.
My heartbeat increased instantly. I didn’t know who called him but from the tone he used, it was obvious that the ugly trouble has returned.

From the time we started kissing on the beach to the time we returned to Braga, I forgot I was being hunted by Madam Grace. I forgot I was a fugitive and I forgot the world existed in Lisbon. I had wished everything away and didn’t want to remember them until that phone call.

“Excuse me,” Solomon said as he stood up and walked outside.

I waited for him until he returned and sat opposite me. He was not troubled and I took it to be a good thing.

“Was that my Madam? Is she still in Porto?” I asked in quick succession.

“It’s my friend from Lisbon, the one I told you has contacts of people who can help me get resident permit through the back door.”

“Baby I am still worried about this backdoor permit. I hope he is not going to run away with your money,” I said.

He nodded and said he understood what I meant, but said he was doing it anyway. According to him, he wanted to leave Portugal as soon as possible. It seemed the permit he applied for was taking longer than he wanted.

After our dinner, we walked to a water fountain and sat near it like many more people did. We talked more on the resident permit issue. I didn’t want him to do it and I told him my reasons. I just didn’t want him to lose money on a fake resident permit. I even went as far as telling him to have patient until the one he applied for gets approved. He knew I was right but he said since the Portuguese authorities didn’t give him a hint of when to expect the application approval or rejection, he was not going to wait in the dark.

“Baby, this could take one year and the truth is that I am never going to spend one year waiting for the permit. I will take the back door permit and disappear from Portugal. I am sure I won’t be coming back to renew it when it expires,” He said.

At about 11pm, we went back to our apartment and waited for 2006, it was just an hour away.

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    It is spelt sex not zex. Another word to use may have been Coitus , nooky , mating etc.

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