Chapter 29

Having amnesia and realising you have a lot of
money is like picking up dirty clothes and finding
money in the pockets..its like a gift from
yourself…but still a gift.
We arrived in Ibadan around 10:30…I was tired
but trying to figure out what my Atm pin was kept
me disturbed….We had 40k to spend but that
would finish soon. I doubted if I could remember
my signature. My laptop was on my lap but the
password was a problem too…I tried everything I
could think of…even ‘cocaine’…no avail..
We were on Mokola bridge when I started thinking
about Amarachi again…her face, thighs as she
applied brakes…the way her bum shakes when we
were clearing webs from the room…her
words…then I figured it out…
She said I was crazy about cars, money and her
..I tried ‘amarachi’..password incorrect. ..I went to
clue…it said ‘your love’..
I typed ‘jaguar’ windows screen displayed… I
said a silent prayer for Amarachi…
When we got down the bridge, deciding on where
to make our abode became an issue…
Bayo wanted, Dugbe…the only place I could
remember was Challenge, and we had passed it..
I saw a Gtbank infront…the atm was beaming
After slotting my card and it requested for my
pin…only one set of numbers came to my head..I
could be wrong..but I had a feeling I was right..
2 0 0 8
The message welcoming me to proceed was
beautiful…I could have hugged the machine there
and then…
As I made my balance inquiry. heart
skipped…what if I wasnt as rich as I potrayed..and
i was just a faker…
My balance was 101, 472, 000. Now let this sink
in…I was 26yrs old…
I called Bayo to come and have a look..when he
saw the figure..he didnt really comprehend it..then
I told him I had more than a hundred million. He
danced with me.
I knew what my password was and I knew my
email would hold more secrets..I didnt knw if it
was a yahoo or gmail, but Amarachi can tell me..
Me: Bayo, do we just run out of Nigeria…
Bayo: You know we cant..
Me: we have people looking for me…is it their
money in my account?
Bayo: you go call Alhaji for morning ask am wetin
you steal actually. .
Me: so if its money I return it abi…what if its not
Bayo: we will cross that bridge when we get there..
Me: Oh k…
On our way to Dugbe, I thought of Cynthia..its
late..was she with her boyfriend…was his lips on
those Tips…was he cupping her as she
slept?..Amarachi invaded the space…what was it
like to be inside her?….will I be inside her again?..
Bayo: one hotel dey that side…pointing across
Dugbe’s main bus stop. ..adjacent to Cocoa
The Dome was beautiful in its majesty…it made
think about the fact that I was a multi
millionaire. ..that I might lose it all…I thought of
Alhahi and his ruthlessness…I wondered if this
phase will end in peace but I doubted it..
I looked at Bayo as he approached the hotel…I
knew though he was trying to hide it..he was
scared too.
Death was around us..I could feel…it..its that
feeling that makes you unable to think about
anything so far in the future. But I will fight back. I
will protect what I cant let go of..thats my life and
Bayo’s..Alhaji and Taofeek and many unknown
others kept the bile up..

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  1. andy

    First time to comment. This story is very interesting and the plot is not predictable. It keeps you hungry for me. I enjoy reading stories with few spelling mistakes as it shows the writer has taken time to edit and proof read their work. Well done and continue u to give us more.

  2. iykmora

    Exactly…you’ll hardly find anything wrong with this write-up-grammar, articulation,etc which makes it very easy to follow and digest. Kudos to the author and keep it rolling!

  3. Tochi

    Well i keep on checking for more update pls keep this coming am rocking it very high.

  4. Tochi

    Well i keep on checking for more update pls keep this coming am rocking it very high..

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