Chapter 29: Love in Apulia

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You know I could not have refused to go to the street, Madam Grace would have killed me,” I said as I followed Solomon towards the book store where he wanted to buy some Catholic stuff.
“Well dear Jennifer, I believe you saw the Statue of Stephen being stoned because he believed in God. You could have had faith too and allowed Madam Grace to do her worst.”
“Did you seriously say that just now?” I stopped again and asked.
“Here is what’s going to happen. I am going into that bookstore to buy Rosary beads and a Catholic prayer book. Immediately I am done doing that, I will leave this place with or without you. The last thing I want at this moment is you dragging me down with your sudden love for Church. I believe it was me who brought you here in the first place,” he said and walked to the shop.
Since my situation was a mess, I had no option than to quietly follow him.
We got down from the mountain and took a bus back home.
As soon as we opened our apartment, he said, “I want to say some prayers. You can stay here quietly or go out to the city to look around. You have some money, buy ice cream and chocolate for yourself, I will call you when I am done.”
“I will go out, I can’t stay here if I can’t pray with you, but I don’t have a phone yet,” I said.
“Take one of my old phones and put one of the new sim cards in it. Use the number to call my phone. I will call you as soon as I am done praying,” he said.
I did what he said and left the apartment.
I got to the reception and didn’t know where to go. I felt it was not safe for me out there. All of a sudden, I realized that I was able to go out into the city simply because Solomon did that with me. Going out alone was scary. I felt as if I would see Madam Grace in the city. I knew we lost her in Porto but it was very important to keep possibilities very open. Anything could lead to anything in life and the best we could do was to be as security conscious as we could ever be.
As a result, I sat in the reception and waited. I told myself that I would return to the apartment in about 30 minutes if he didn’t finish his prayers and call me before then. I didn’t know the kind of prayers he was planning to say but I was sure that if he didn’t finish it in thirty minutes, then he had other plans.
Twenty minutes after I left the apartment, he called.
“Where are you?” he had asked.
I told him I was still at the reception because I didn’t want to go out without him.
“Wait there for me; I will be with you in a minute,” he said before he killed the call.
We walked down to the Immaculate Conception Avenue and bought a bottle of Hennessy.
“When are you going to stop drinking this thing?” I asked as I pointed to the bottle of drink in his hand.
“Why would I ever do that in the first place?” he fired back.
I didn’t want to upset him; therefore I kept quiet and followed him until we came to an area where there were taxis.
We approached a cab driver and asked if there was any close beach around the area.
He said there were two beaches around and when he told us that the one in Apulia was closer, Solomon told him to take us there.
Apulia was a small town located near the Atlantic Ocean. There were people from other countries playing on the sand when we got there. We found a large rock at the southern part of the beach and sat on it. Since we didn’t come with cup, Solomon drank his whisky directly from the bottle. He would hand the poison to me occasionally and ask me to drink. I didn’t like whisky much but I was in the mood to celebrate the New Year; therefore I sipped little by little too until it became obvious that the alcohol was getting to my head.
I was simply happy to be sitting in an open place with the man I loved. Everything around us was just perfect for romance. The scene was beautiful; deep blue sea throwing naturally purified wind on our faces.
“Jenny,” Solomon had said all of a sudden.
I looked up in his face, he was all smiles.
“I am sorry that I haven’t had time to tell you how beautiful you are. The situation we found each other wasn’t the best but still I should have told you that you are a pretty girl,” he said.
I kept my gaze on his face as he sipped his Hennessy and said all the beautiful things to me. Then like a romantic movie, he kept his bottle on the ground, held my hand and looked back into my eyes. “I love you and I want you to know it. We will get over these troubles soon and I will show you how happy you make me.”
Tears were tumbling down my cheeks before he finished what he was saying. I didn’t hear much of the last things he said because I was overwhelmed by emotion.
“It’s okay to cry Jenny, I understand we didn’t plan for this but it is happening. We met each other for a reason and I believe you will make a good girlfriend. Thanks for coming into my life.”
I placed my head on his left shoulder and cried more. He didn’t ask me to stop crying, he just held me and stopped sipping his poison until I eventually calmed down, and then he held my hand and asked me to take a walk along the beach with him.
We walked up along the beach until we stopped where small cabins were built. At the first cabin where we stopped, the door was slightly ajar. A quick peep showed two white people having sex. We stole a few glances and moved on until a young boy waved at us to wait.
“Hello Mister, do you want a cabin?” The boy asked.
“Yes, tell me how much?”
“Just 10 Euros an hour,” the boy said.
“Show me the cabin.”
He led us to a neat empty cabin and said it was his.
Solomon brought out his wallet and handed a 20 euro bill to the boy who disappeared without looking back.
We entered the Cabin and sat on the polished wooden floor. The alcohol in my system was playing tricks with my head and the good news about it was that it spurred me into action as soon as we settled on the floor.
I brought Solomon’s face close to mine and started kissing him. He fell back on the floor and lay there with his back while I lay on top of him, kissing and kissing until the fire in us started burning out of control, then he slipped his hand inside my bra, unhooked it and started sucking away.

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