Chapter 27

Computer village was filled with people. Those that
wanted to buy to those that wanted to sell. They
werent much different from eachoda. They roamed
the ‘Floor’ as the main street of computer village is
famously called. It is the place you can buy the
cheapest gadgets and also the place you sell your
gadgets for the cheapest price possible.
It had banks, restaurants, even a police station
made of a metallic container of not more than 12
by 6 feet.
I had been in front of Slot since 1:30. Hoping to
catch a glimpse of her when she approached. It
was 3:30 and still a no show. My throat was dry
and I was hungry but I couldnt spend on food.
Bayo and I were on a tight budget. A couple of
drugs tainted lips came to my side asking if I
would buy a Bold5 for 13k…I declined. My chinco
was doing just fine.
1hr later I started getting restless.. I gave her
anoda call but the number was switched off. I
thought of Bayo who was waiting for my call so we
could meet and disappear for a while..He couldnt
even tell Shade goodbye because he felt she had a
certain allegiance towards Alhaji. He had parked
the bus at the corner of the park hoping it would
take atleast two days for Alhaji to smell a rat.
I couldnt bear the thirst anymore so I bought Viju
milk apple from a young hawker. I was almost
through when I got a beep.
Text message: blue kia picanto, front of Access
bank , round about..close to the bridge.
It took me less than five minutes to get there. I
could see the image of a lady at the front seat. I
went there but she didnt whine I went to
the passengers side and opened the door….I saw
Saying that she was just beautiful was not going to
explain what I saw. She was definitely the girl in
my image, just that the unblemished skin made it
more breathtaking.
Memory girl: Nathan what’s up…until last night I
thought you were dead…I am so happy..
She looked happy. .
Me: so I am Nathan..?
Memory girl: what do you mean?
Me: I lost my memory. ..I cant remember anything
before the crash…i am Nathan what?
Memory girl: Nathan Guodobia..
Me: I am from which state?
Memory girl: Edo…Your mum is Yoruba.
Me: oh…where are they?
She kept quiet for a while. It probably dawned on
her then that I was serious.
Memory girl: lets talk about them later…
Me: whats your name?
Memory girl: Amarachi..
She put her gear in reverse…moved back a
little…put it on 1 then moved…everything was
sexy about her…even the fact that she was driving
a manual. Her hand on the gear switch was
beautiful. She drove along Oba Akran and didnt
talk until she got to Nigerite.
Amarachi: I was your girlfriend..
Me: why ‘was’?
Ehn…she too fine na…
Amarachi: three months is too long a time…
Me: oh..k…so what did I do for a living?
Amarach: we were partners..we delt in buying and
selling of goods…
Me: What kind if goods…?
Amarachi: consumables. …so where have you
Me: I have been around..a private clinic
Amarachi: you look darker and slimmer. .
Me: I have been exercising. ..
Amarachi: oh…nice…I dnt like the dark part
Me: so…will u tell me all about me?
Amarachi: yes…dnt you want to go home first?
Me: Yes I want to..but I cannot stay for long.
Amarachi: but I have to take care of you. You are
still my friend.
Me: I have a private nurse…
Lol…Bayo the nurse.
Amarachi: how have you been paying her?..
Me: you dont need to know that…
Amarachi: you have been screwing her?…that was
your forte. .
Me: oh…
Amarachi: Your Atm card and passbooks are in
your laptop back inside my booth. I got them from
your apartment a day after I heard of your crash.
Me: am I rich?..
Amarachi: ermmmm…richer than most of ur age
Me: Are you rich?
Amarachi: yes…
Me: ok…lets go to my apartment and you tell me
Amarachi: yes boss…
Me: Where do you live..
Amarachi: Festac
So I was correct…I had been there with her
before. .
Me: did you love me, like were we madly in love?
Amarachi: I loved u like crazy…but u like money,
cars and just my body. .
Me: oh..
I imagined screwing that dick started
breathing…getting hard..
Amarachi: stop thinking of screwing me..
Me: ehn….how did you know I was doing that?…
Amarachi: cuz I can read your thoughts…you and
I were partners..
I wanted to correct her that Bayo was my only
partner…I kept quiet…
Me: where do I live?
Amarachi: Ikoyi. ..
Me: wow. ..I must be really loaded…
Amarachi: ofcuz…we are drug dealers…
She accelerated.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice effort. But u need to be consistent. If Bayo is a pidgin English character, then stop mixing it with Queen’s English. Also, the … is not really necessary in some instances. Anyways, keep it up.

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