Chapter 26: The Emergency Escape

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After his little encouragement plan, he left back to room 211 where his friends were. I didn’t know what he went there to do but when he returned to our room, he met me crying again.
“I told you everything will be fine. I just gave you the plan B in case things goes south. Now if you are going to spend your days crying for what we don’t know how it would happen, be my guest.”
I got up and went to where he stood. “Please don’t leave me, I can’t live without you.”
“It’s time to go Jenny. We are going to meet with Madam Grace, she is in town already. Remember everything I said,” Solomon said as he turned around, walked towards the door and disappeared without looking back.
Right there and then, I thought it would be the last time I set my eyes on him. It was a horrible moment for me in that hotel room alone. I suddenly realized that I had no plans of my own before I left Madam Grace. I somehow forgot to think about what I would do on my own if Solomon wasn’t there. I was determined not to return to the streets but all of a sudden, returning to the streets surfaced and became an option once more. I didn’t know how the Valencia and Madrid men would treat me if I happen to show up at their doorsteps. One thing was for sure, they were likely going to attempt to sleep with me, it would someday go into the ears of Solomon and knowing the kind of person he was, there would likely be some kind of fight. It seemed like a temptation to me to go to Spain and live with another stranger who didn’t know half of my story. Black Men never closed their mouths when they had sex with a woman. They bragged to their friends how they did this and did that to a girl as if there were awards to be taken. They would beg a girl for days and hours to sleep with them and when the girl eventually agreed, they would brag and hold her down as if their penis did any damage to the cunt.
I wasn’t going to Valencia or Madrid or anywhere in Spain for that matter. I wasn’t returning to the streets either. I was rather planning to stay back in Porto and seek for the asylum there. From the little chat I had with Solomon about asylum, it sounded as if it wasn’t such a difficult task after all. I would wait in the hotel for days until I would be able to convince myself that my man may not return, and then I would walk to a Police station in Porto and tell them I didn’t know how I ended up in Portugal. I had a feeling the worst they could do was to send me back to Nigeria, it was the original plan anyway.
I cried when he left, not because he wasn’t coming back but because the way he bid his goodbye, it almost felt as if he knew he wouldn’t be returning. Everything was scary and the worst part was that he knew the implications of what he was about to do, he just insisted on doing it anyway.
About two hours after Solomon left, I forced myself to sleep until my wailing phone decided I had slept enough. Reluctantly, I rolled to the edge of the bed and picked the call from the drawer beside the bed where I kept it. It was Solomon calling.
“Get ready in ten minutes, we are leaving the hotel,” he yelled.
“But baby, where are…..” The phoned died on me.
His voice was as urgent as it could ever get. Something was going on and knowing who Solomon was, it was better I started doing what he asked me to do. As a result, I got off the bed quickly and started arranging our things inside the bags.
I was still packing when the knock came on the hotel door. “It’s me Jenny, open up,” the voice said before I could ask who it was.
I opened the door and attempted to hug him. There were millions of questions to ask but the way he slammed the door made me understand there was no time for Questions and Answers.
He helped me pack the bags and immediately dragged both the bag and me out of the hotel room down to the reception. I was afraid to ask what was going on, I just decided to keep quiet and ask questions later.
As we walked outside to a Taxi standing in front of the hotel, his phone rang. He disengaged his hand from mine and picked out his phone from the pocket.
“Wait for me, I am on my way,” he said and killed the call immediately.
“What’s going on?” The question escaped from my mouth.
“Get into the car,” he shouted as he closed the car trunk where he had just deposited our bag.
“Take us to Braga,” Solomon said to the Taxi driver.
“Braga is a little far from here, why don’t you take the train? I will drop you off at Sao Bento,” The cab driver said.
Solomon raised his voice slightly. “You are not taking us to Sao Bento; you are taking us to Braga. Tell us how much it is and I will pay you here if you are scared I can’t pay.”
The driver took one last look at his face before engaging his gear. That was how we left our hotel in Porto. It was clear that there was trouble. I was warned there could be trouble but it was disturbing to me that I didn’t know what happened yet. My life was also in danger and I believed I had the right to know what was going on. It was true I loved Solomon but that never meant I should follow him blindly even when I knew he could lead me to danger.

“Baby, what’s going on?” I asked once more.
He turned and looked at me squarely in the face. He could have seen that I was not only scared, I was confused. As a result, he decided to open up to me.
“Something got mixed up somewhere and I decided that Porto is no longer safe for us.”
He kept quiet for almost 10 seconds before I asked, “That’s a little cryptic, I don’t understand.”
“Jose and his friend tried to divert Madam Grace somewhere else and pick up all the money for themselves. I found out Jose has been communicating with Madam Grace without my knowledge. For that reason, I diverted Madam Grace somewhere else and picked up the money myself. Now Jose and his friend are looking for us. We are going to another City to hide and let things die slowly on its own before we show our faces in public again,” Solomon said.
The positive from everything he said was that he had the money with him. He managed to outsmart everyone else on time to vacate the hotel before they found out what he did. He had asked me to switch off my phone immediately we left the hotel in Porto.

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