Chapter 25

Kamoru was excited to see us, boredom had been
his friend before we came around. He opened the
gate holding a cutlass..
Bayo: kamoru aye!..I don miss u die!
Kamoru: Bayoski omooba saudi!…bawo!
Me: kamoru how far?
Kamoru: yellow bawo ni…
After the initial greetings he led us to the one room
self contained that was his abode close to the
Kamoru: Alhaji no dey house o..
Bayo: we knw na, we just dey pass na him we
remember say na only you dey house..Risi
nko?…she no find you come?
Kamoru: no mind dat girl, na one guy wey dey
stay Agbara she dey chuk now..
Bayo: eeeeeyahhhh…anyhow sha, we bring
drinks…make me jolly together.
Kamoru: Ah..ah…u too kind Bayo…I swear u too
kind..and I don see your future…u go be chairman
NURTW. Oloooooooooooun…
Bayo: no be only u talk this thing o…one alfa for
shasha don tell me this thing before. ..
He gave kamoru the Seaman Schnapps while we
held on to our Alomo. Unknown to him, his was
the only unadulterated bottle…ours had been
refilled with water and about a tea spoon of
milo…Alomo indeed!
Kamoru blessed the gods before and those present,
he used the bottle cap to toss about three large
drops on the soil.
Then he began to drink.
Bayo told me just before we got to the gate that
kamoru was a notorious drinker. So as he drank
his, we drank our overdiluted beverage.
But what we didn’t knw was kamoru’s resistance
to intoxication. The bottle was almost finished and
all that changed was that his voice became louder.
He was still articulate, he wasnt sleepy..I was
getting worried, very worried.
If I thought I was the only person worried I was
wrong. Bayo’s brows started slanting as kamoru’s
stamina showed no abating.
But then I should have suspected that Bayo had
other plans..
Bayo: kamoru! ..e be like say person dey knock
o…go check na..
Kamoru: E fit be those he-goats…dem like to dey
use head hit our gate..I don tire o…before I reach
them go don run..
He stood up to check with annoyance, as he rained
curses on the goats and their ancestors, I
suspected he was probably higher dan we were
giving him credit for.
Bayo removed a blue pill from his pocket. He
never ceased to amaze me. How on earth did he
get Rophynol?
Kamoru came back without suspecting that it had
been grounded into his bottle. He just kept
Kamoru. ..I tell you say na them see me
dem run…their papa.! Kamorudeen…dem fear
How I stopped my self from laughing, I didnt
know..I noticed he was getting slower, Bayo kept
hailing him..kept leading him on…
He stood up and was trying to imitate an escapade
when he just fell…he fell like a fruit from a tree.
Bayo:stay with him here..make I go inside go
check…gimme 20min..
Me: Alright….hurry
20min later….
30min later…..
1hr later…..
Lost count of time later. ……
When Bayo finally emerged from indoors…the look
on his face said it all..
Bayo: oga nothing o…everything is locked….and I
no fit break him padlock…
Me: wow….what next…
Bayo: me I no know…
I immediately tried calling the number again…it
didnt connect.
Bayo: make we dey go, before this ishe cast…
On our way outside the date I looked at kamoru
..he still on the floor. ..a wet patch on his sokoto
showed he had pee’d on himself. I felt a little
As we lay on top the volvo bonnet, feeling God’s
natural A.C beat against our faces..I felt regret
again. Today was filled with so much
hope…everything in tatters now. What if she
wasn’t using the number again. What if she was
gone for good?…what if I was stuck here?
I looked at Bayo, he was smoking his second wrap
of weed..his radio was playing 2face’s ‘implication’
into the air…I closed my eyes and was trying to
fall asleep when I got a text message frm the
Text: slot, computer village…2pm…

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