Chapter 25: When I thought it was over.

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Another guy called Nuno came to Porto. According to Solomon, he was part of the deal they were planning against Madam Grace. Since I had no power to do anything about whatever they were planning to do, I just prayed and hoped that nothing goes wrong.
When it was time to sleep, Solomon called me up and said, “Pay attention Jenny, Tomorrow is going to be a dangerous day for us. Your Madam is coming here. I don’t mean here in this hotel and she is not coming to take you back. She is coming to buy the recorded message. As soon as we get her money, we will find a way to leave Portugal for good.”
“What about the resident permit you told me you applied for in Lisbon?” I asked.
I needed to show some concern about his affairs too. It was hurting me that he was about to abandon his project because of mine. I didn’t simply know why he would do that. I knew he was beginning to like me more than ever but I also considered it foolishness for him to abandon what he came to do in Portugal just because he found me.
“My friend in Lisbon who is handling the permit process sent me a text message earlier today. He said there is a new way to get the permit within two days if I paid 5000 Euros. I may follow that option if we get the money from Madam Grace. If not, we will still leave Portugal. I can always return back alone to complete the process. As for now, our priority is to get this money from Madam Grace, after that, we will get you to a safe and far place where Grace and her thugs will never be able to see you. I want you to know that I am not letting anything happen to you. I know you are still worried about us because of how we met each other. I admire your courage and decision to quit prostitution. It showed me that you wish to be a good woman. That is enough reason for me to do everything I can to make sure you become a good woman. I believe we might end up living together in the future and I know you will make a good wife for me but remember that we may also end up not being husband and wife.”
I was in tears before he finished. “It’s okay, I understand everything you said. But I want you to know that I love you so much now. Being around you makes me feel secured and loved. I just wish everything will become normal for us so we can live together in the future.”
“We will live together in the future. Just have faith and believe in yourself,” he said.
On the morning of December 30th, 2005, I woke up, stretched my hand to feel the body of my partner, only to meet an empty bed. Like a dream, it began to clear in my eyes that he was not in the room.
Where did he go?
He didn’t say anything to me about going somewhere that morning. It was unlike him to sneak away while I was asleep.
Has he finally disappeared like I feared?
I grabbed my phone and found his number. As soon as I pressed the dial button, the door opened and he walked in.
“Good morning baby, I was about to call you,” I said.
“I went to check up on our new friends and I didn’t want to wake you up,” he said, “We will be going out any moment today to meet with Madam Grace. She may come up to Porto with the Police or her thugs, which means there could be trouble.”
I looked him in the face and started crying. It was finally going to happen, everything I feared. I wished Solomon could just leave Madam Grace and her troubles. Even if he didn’t have enough money, we could leave the Portugal with the ones he had and start a new life somewhere safe. I didn’t just want anything to do with Madam Grace and her troubles anymore.
“There is no need to cry Jenny. You will not get in trouble. Here is 1500 Euros. If I don’t get back in the night, please…” Solomon was saying before I interrupted him.
“I don’t want your money, I want you. Please don’t leave me this way,” I said amidst tears.
He hugged me. “I am not paying you off; I am just making sure you have enough money to take care of yourself if anything goes wrong.”
I nodded.
“Like I was saying, if I don’t return in the night, hide your phone number and call me. If I don’t answer or if someone else answers my phone, cut off the call and wait until morning. If after mid day tomorrow and I am not back, call this phone number,” he said as he handed me a phone number written on a piece of paper.
“He is my friend in Valencia Spain. He will come here to pick you up. Our hotel deposit will run off tomorrow, pay for another three days if you have to until my friend comes from Valencia. If for any reason my friend doesn’t come, take your bag, go to the Sao Bento Train Station and buy a ticket to Coimbra. From Coimbra, buy a ticket to Madrid Spain. The border in Coimbra to Spain is very porous. If you get controlled by the Police, tell them you are from Bamenda in Cameroun and tell them you want asylum. Don’t panic; just tell them your name is Jennifer Ebot. I will find you wherever they take you for asylum as long as Europe is concerned. My friend in Madrid knows about you already, here is his phone number too. Porto to Madrid is about 600 kilometers; the ticket with train won’t cost more than 200 Euros.’
He wrote a new phone number on the same piece of paper and gave it back to me. I cried throughout his plan speech. Everything he said looked like a phantom plan that could not be achieved by me. I knew myself and I knew I didn’t know anywhere in Europe. I had a feeling that if things ever got to the situation where he ran into trouble, I would be devastated. But since I could not stop the plan he already put in motion, I cleaned my tears and kissed him. Despite everything he was about to do, he was very courageous and caring. He gave me plans on how to be comfortable if anything happened to him and he gave me enough money to sustain whatever I would be doing until he finds me depending on the kind of trouble he would get into. It was true that things could turn against him and his friends but inside my heart, I felt that he would succeed in getting whatever he wanted from Madam Grace and come out alive. He was created for me and I hoped nothing happened to him.
To me, It was no longer about escaping from prostitution or Madam Grace; it has become about spending my life with the one man who made me understand that there were people out there who still cared for humanity.

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