Chapter 24

Everything in my body wanted to make that call but
I wanted Bayo to be there when I did. Somehow I
felt he was in it almost as much as I was.
But I couldn’t hold it any longer, I made up my
mind to call her as soon as I got to Egbeda
bustop. That silly Bayo chose that time to call me..
Bayo: Otunba, where u dey?
Me: Egbeda
Bayo: bad guy…u don finish nurse abi?..satanic
Me: sharrap jor..I got an important number. This
person is linked to my past..
Bayo: you don call am?
Me: No..I wanted to just now…
Bayo: ok na….
Me: or you wan dey dere when I call?
Bayo: na your choice o..
Me: oya I dey come..
Bayo: hurry o…mama onome yam and akara wan
almost finish..and you no dey like cold one…
Me: onome?
Bayo: no mind the girl…she dey her monthly
cycle. .
Me:eeeyah…Shade nko?
Bayo: she don go sell her meat na..
Me: Bose nko?
Bayo: E be like say the credit wey dey your phone
too much…
Me: I dey come…
Alas! My excitement and all was to no avail…’the
number called was not reachable’
How do you send s message to a person when
you dont know who you are?
Bayo was sitting beside me on a bench. I missed
the yam and akara so we settled for fried fish and
garri. Verily I say unto you, the cheapest food are
the sweetest.
Bayo: send text to am, tell am say na you be the
guy wey she come find for hospital. Lota hospital.
Me: smart …thanks bruv.
We decided to still go on with the plan to search
Alhaji’s house.
Me: so how we go take pass the gate mam wey
him no go knw?…
Bayo: that one na small thing. ..when e don reach
10pm..we enter..
It was 10:45 when we finally got to the gate. We
had one bottle of seaman’s and two bottles of

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  1. Delis

    …lol. “We had one bottle of seaman’s and two bottles of Alomo…”

    For who/what …the gateman?

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